RS400 Club Championship at Northampton

RS400 Club Championship 2008 at Northampton SC

Saturday saw the RS400 fleet take to the water on schedule having been informed that the there would be no restriction on the number of races over the weekend and they would run as many as possible. This was a great prospect for everyone so hats off to Northampton SC's Anthony York the Race officer.

Race 1 was started in 4- 5 knots with Alex Fleming and Joe Hartigan first to windward mark followed closely by Rob and Jan Martin. The downwind leg saw the Martin’s gybe off early steering their way in consistent breeze to take the lead by the leeward mark. For the final lap 1st and 2nd place stayed the same with the rest of the fleet contending for 3rd place, which was finally taken by Bob and Isabel Jole.

Race 2 was started in slightly less wind with Rob and Jan storming off the line and leading at the windward mark. Alex and Joe were closely behind and benefited from a better hoist to take the lead by the spacer Buoy. The Martin’s chose to take the early gybe, which treated them so well in the first race but left them struggling to maintain 2nd place at the leeward mark. Alex and Joe went on to win the race after another lap with Rob and Jan securing 2nd place after a final solid beat. There was close racing in the chasing fleet for 3rd place with Adrian and Sarah Sherratt heading the pack to the line.

The Race Officer had set the course for the next race only to be hit by a 180-degree wind shift on the 1 minute. The right decision was made to postpone and after a long sail in the abandonment was given for the day.

Sailors were greeted on Sunday by cracking sunshine and 20 degrees but no wind. The Race Officer made the right decision to abandon at twelve, which was welcomed by all.

Many thanks to the Race Officer Anthony York and the rest of Northampton Sailing Club members for getting two races in during a weekend of light conditions that could have easily resulted in a non-event.

RS400 Club Championship - Final overall positions

1st RS400 1172 Alex Fleming Joe Haktigan Leigh and Lowton 2.0 1.0 3.0 pts
2nd RS400 1231 Rob Martin Jan Martin Burghfield 1.0 2.0 3.0 pts
3rd RS400 1031 Adrian Sherratt Sarah Sherratt NSC 4.0 3.0 7.0 pts
4th RS400 1167 Bob Jole Isabel Jole Queen Mary SC 3.0 4.0 7.0 pts
5th RS400 511 Danielle Franklin Tom Evans Weston 5.0 5.0 10.0 pts
6th RS400 1090 D Hawking Cassie Beasley Weston 7.0 6.0 13.0 pts
7th RS400 1339 James Cutler Marcus Mossman BSC 6.0 7.0 13.0 pts