Product of the Week- Charly Bravo-mooring so you can sleep at night

Charly Bravo
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Berthing your boat so that you can leave it and sleep at night knowing that no matter how hard the winds blow it will not come to grief is every sailor's dream. So finding mooring lines that can do the job well is vital. Hence this Product of the Week, Charly Bravo.

'CHARLY BRAVO 1' is a new nautical damper for mooring of boats, using textile traction.

The produce is constructed in resin polyurethane with guide parts made in stainless steel, also drowned in resin. These prevent the rope inside from suffering rubbing or chafing.

The tops are closed again on them same as the links of a chain: it doesn't serve any connection with safety bypass.

The assemblage is simple, and they are very powerful, having a working load which uses textile traction to 750kg.

The high tenacity ropes of 20 mm diameter give a double breaking load

Charly Bravo is so strong that its breaking point is higher than the shackles, chains or other ropes used for mooring your boat.

The elevated extension of 11 cm allows the damper to softly absorb the loads, avoiding dangerous jerks to the boat.

This product, which is also beautifully silent, is recommended for boats 8 to 14 metres. with ropes from 18/20 mm of diameter. Weight 2,8 kgs. Length 35 cms. diameter 12 cms. extension 11 cms

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