Product of the Week- 'One-Touch' Winch Handle

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Having to use two hands for removing a winch handle from a winch can pose a problem for the cruising sailor who is likely to be sailing short-handed or alone - you may need the other hand for steering, for holding on in a bucking sea, for controlling another line, in fact any number of scenarios.

So the winch handle which allows you to unlock and remove it easily and dependably with one hand and without a thought of sticking or jamming, is a boon in anyone's language.

When you're next thinking of obtaining or replacing winch handles, give a thought to my pick product of the week - the Dax Composite 'One Touch' winch handle.

They are being used by racing sailors of course for similar reasons, as they help to assure quick snag-free tacks. They've been in evidence recently in the Transpac and the Bermuda Race, in Europe and are in regular use by racers in Hong Kong. One hand operation – Grab and Go. Fast. Easy. Sure.

One user says: 'You can trust it to stay in and to let go when called upon. A winner, finally a new mouse trap !!' ( thank you B. Nathanson)

You may be able to find a metal version under the brand name of Lewmar at your local sailing supply shop, but if not, the light composite product is manufactured directly by the inventor of the design, and is available online by clicking