Primo Cup, Trophée Credit Suisse - Day 1 images by Carlo Borlenghi

Day 1 - 30th Primo Cup - Trophée Credit Suisse
YCM / Carlo Borlenghi
Photographer Carlo Borlenghi was on deck for day one of the 30th Primo Cup Trophée Credit Suisse to capture these images. Enjoy!

The scientists used the Computerized Scanning and Imaging Facility at WHOI to get CT scans of their coral skeleton core samples.
Tom DeCarlo, WHOI

The CT scan images have a resolution of about the width of a human hair. The images show the borings made by bioeroders in the coral skeleton.
Tom DeCarlo, WHOI

Kite foiling, day 5 - USA 4 Windsurfing Campaign - Kite foiling

The Extreme Sailing Series 2014. Act 2. Muscat. Oman Air skippered Rob Greenhalgh (GBR) with headsail trimer Will Howden (GBR), trimer Tom Johnson (AUS), bowman Hashim Al Rashdi (OMA) and bowman Musab Al Hadi (OMA) - Extreme Sailing Series 2015
© Lloyd Images

February 24, 2015. Leg 4 to Auckland onboard Team SCA. Day 16. Liz Wardley, Abby Ehler and Sally Barkow.
Anna-Lena Elled/Team SCA

To study a coral, Tom DeCarlo uses an underwater drill to extract a thin core of its skeleton. The drill hole is sealed with cement so that the coral can continue to grow. In about a year, the coral will have grown completely over the hole, leaving no trace of our sampling.
Anne Cohen, WHOI

Kite foiling, day 2 - USA 4 Windsurfing Campaign - Kite foiling

Kite foiling, day 3 - USA 4 Windsurfing Campaign - Kite foiling

Stark Raving Mad VII. Rolex Swan Cup Caribbean 2015.