PredictWind has more breeze for Friday

PredictWind - Graphic showing expected wind strength and direction at 40metres for Friday 15 August at 1500hrs for Qingdao!PredictWind is showing more wind for tomorrow, Friday at the Qingdao Olympics.

Racing today has been cancelled. Tomorrow all five courses will be in operation.

However!Predictwind is showing winds blowing at 12 knots tomorrow maybe more.

The actual graphs show substantially more wind however these are predictions for 40metres and to get to a five metre level which is of more interest to sailors in Qingdao and fans at home, the reading should be divided by a factor of 1.7.

Developer of the PredictWind application, and member of the Alinghi weater team in 2003 and 2007, Jon Bilger comments: 'Regarding the forecasted wind strength, as the model predicts at 40m, and the height that sailors are interested in is around 5m, and often there is a high wind gradient, you will find dividing the wind strength by 1.7 is often a good factor.'

Predict Wind - 5 day graph from 14 August 2008 at 40metres for Friday 15 August at 1500hrs for Qingdao

In the graph above it can be seen that there is a high degree of variation between the Canadian feed (CMC) and the US feed (GFS) represented by the solid line.

This variation indicated the degree of uncertainty in the forecast, and if the Canadian feed is more correct then substantially stronger winds could be expected.

Regional 5 Day Text Forecast for Qingdao: CMC
DateHourSpeed (Knots)Direction (Magnetic)
Wed 1321006140
Thu 1400007150
Thu 1403007150
Thu 1406006140
Thu 1409007140
Thu 1412009150
Thu 1415008160
Thu 1418001010
Thu 1421001270
Fri 15000014110
Fri 1503007320
Fri 15060029-10
Fri 1509002530
Fri 1512001810
Fri 1515001510
Fri 1518001310
Fri 152100130
Sat 1600001010
Sat 16030011-10
Sat 16060090
Sat 160900910
Sat 1612001430
Sat 1615001020
Sat 1618001030
Sat 1621001020