Port Credit Yacht Club Junior wins 54th Annual Steerers' Regatta

Best part of the Steerers' Regatta is sleeping in "tent city" - 54th Annual Steerers' Regatta at PCYC
Greg Nicoll
One of the most unique rights of passage, beside just attending the Annual Steerers’ Regatta, is to camp overnight in 'tent city' which is found just inside the gates to the yacht club on the west junior club lawn – or what is now a hay stack!

It was a very quiet night for the juniors after a long, tough, day on the water yesterday, with big winds and waves.

Some juniors thought that they would have a better day today. However, that was not to be for many of them, as the east wind continued to blow all night and the waves were cresting higher and bigger - closer to six feet with winds reaching 18-22 knots on day 2.

The tightly run race crew for all three courses, headed by PRO Paul Clissold, were able to get three-four races per course in today, despite many capsizes.

The races were won by the juniors who were able to keep their boats upright, make the fewest mistakes, and ride the waves.

Overall winners of the event went to team Port Credit.

3 Port Credit YC lads take top three spots in the Laser Full rig with Ben Taylor in First. - 54th Annual Steerers' Regatta at PCYC
Greg Nicoll

1st in double handed 420 goes to Port Credit Yacht Club - 54th Annual Steerers' Regatta at PCYC
Greg Nicoll

The 54th Annual Steerers’ Regatta is being held at Port Credit Yacht Club, July 19 to July 20.