Police sights set on 'floating pubs' on Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour ’floating pub’ culture
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Sydney Police will consult with NSW Maritime about the problems associated with harbour cruise 'party boats' after a series of drunken brawls, including one at the weekend that involved 60 men.

Acting Superintendent Anthony Bell, of City Central Local Area Command, said police were 'fed up' dealing with 'highly intoxicated people' who get off these boats at Pyrmont.

Acting Superintendent Bell said he will meet the head of NSW Maritime Area Command tomorrow to discuss how the boats could be better regulated – including a provision to allow police to board these boats mid-harbour.

The Police are suggesting forcing such 'floating pubs' to declare their arrival and departure time so that police can check how intoxicated people are when they board and disembark.

'There has been inappropriate service of alcohol. Who is feeding them all this grog?' said Acting Supt Bell.

'It rests with the master of the vessel as a person representing the liquor licence, to turn people away.'