Perfect Day to get your EPIRB

The yacht Perfect Day may have been aptly named for competing in the Annapolis to Bermuda Race in June but, for the three crew, the days were less than perfect when they headed for home - the master of the yacht did not own an EPIRB - so hired one for the trip.

Perfect Day left Bermuda on June 23rd in good conditions, but three days into their journey, 270 miles off the North Carolina Coast, conditions deteriorated to 35 knots and 15 foot seas. When the engine failed and the mast became loose, the 406 MHz EPIRB was activated.

A tanker diverted to assist, but by the time it had arrived, the fortunate crew had affected repairs and Perfect Day was able to continue. The US coastguard monitored the yacht and informed them the following day of more bad weather on the way. The skipper prepared, using his sea safety class learning.

In the heavy seaway, the mast broke free and holed the hull. With the yacht taking on water and in conditions that made repairs possible, it was decided to activate the EPIRB again and call the coastguard.

One crew member, who is a retired Search and Rescue crewman from the US Coast Guard, said he had never rescued anyone in worse conditions in all his years of service. All three were plucked from the water by a US Coast Guard helicopter.
The skipper praised his hired EPIRB, saying he would never go offshore without one. ‘It worked flawlessly. The combination of EPIRB and satellite phone saved our lives.’

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