Panerai Transat Classique - Fleet enjoy fair weather sailing

2012 Panerai Transat Classique
Following a faltering start and the heavy post-Barcelona conditions, the fleet of the Panerai Transat Classique 2012 are finally enjoying some fair weather sailing. Corto and White Dolphin continue their intense battle, their routes crossing at regular intervals as they beat determinedly to windward.

They managed to maintain good average speeds throughout last night and most of today. This evening the wind is expected to fall, making the last few miles to the Sotogrande gate (close to Gibraltar) a test of not only the crews' skill in trimming their sailing thoroughbreds but also their patience.

As the fleet moves into this tricky zone of the Mediterranean, race director François Séruzier expressed his satisfaction with the way the weather is evolving from rough to relatively fair. After withdrawing from the race yesterday, Sea Lion is expected to be the first to arrive in Cascais on 4th November where she can count on a friendly welcome from the organizers who are already on site; however the victor of this leg of the Panerai Transat Classique 2012 won’t be decided until either White Dolphin and Corto cross the finishing line some time on 6th November.

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