Oracle gets some practice in on the SF bay

Oracle flies low and fast mid-course. - America’s Cup

Team Oracle had both their AC72 boats out today, taking advantage of a non-race day to practice running the America's Cup course. Their number one boat did most of the work, trying a number of gybes, using a shorter, fuller headsail than usually seen on either of the two boats.

In light winds averaging 16 knots and a slack tide, Oracle #1 didn't have much luck completing any clean foil-to-foil gybes without dropping one or both hulls into the water. As with all things in this AC, we have to guess about their actual intentions. Photos by Chuck Lantz for Sail-World.

Luna Rossa and Oracle on the Marin side of the SF bay. - America's Cup

Oracle flies toward San Francisco from the Marin coast. - America's Cup

A power boat illustrating why power boats are banned from the shoreline on race days. - America's Cup

Oracle in the middle of a gybe. - America's Cup

Oracle flies low and fast mid-course. - America's Cup

Passengers on the ferry Emperor Norton get a million dollar view of Oracle. - America's Cup

Oracle back on their feet and flying. - America's Cup

Oracle crew gets another cold dousing as they drop after another gybe attempt. - America's Cup

Oracle flies on her foils, showing their shorter headsail. - America's Cup

Oracle slams down after a failed foil-to-foil gybe attempt. - America's Cup

A boat worth multi-millions of dollars behind them, and these folks are staring at ... a harbor seal. - America's Cup