Optimist World Championship Day 1

Photo: Esra Karahan - Optimist World Championship - Day 1
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Day 1 of the 46th Optimist World Championship opened the regatta with a superb day's racing in a brisk north-westerly 15-18 knot breeze gusting to 22 knots. Bright, bright sunshine and a sea of the darkest blue made a magnificent panorama of the 255 small boats.

The German team, still celebrating the European girls' win by Paulina Rothlauf, were delighted by the double bullets of Jens Marten in the two races held. Jens is not part of the 'Bavarian brigade' which has produced a succession of champions in recent years but is from Eckernförde on the Danish border. His past successes have included a bronze in the 2007 Garda Easter meeting.

In second place at this early stage is Hermann Tomasgaard (NOR), followed by the expected Caribbean challenge led by South American open champion Ian Barrows of the U.S. Virgin Islands and North American champion Raul Rios from Puerto Rico.

Among the girls North American silver medallist Rachel Lee (SIN) is the predictable leader but our hosts will be delighted that Ceyla Yurtseven is upholding a great tradition of Turkish girl sailors. 2007 top girl Lara Vadlau (AUT) is currently fourth girl behind Naomi Mannering (NZL).

Sailors from the less-experienced countries such as the Gulf states of Bahrain and Qatar can pride themselves in finishing both races in challenging conditions, and a little more effort could see Abdul Azzi Faisal (BRN) in the top half of the fleet.

Racing continues today with three further races scheduled.

Photo:Esra Karahan - Optimist World Championship - Day 1
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Opening Ceremony

A new record 255 sailors from 54 countries are assembled in Cesme on the west coast of Turkey for the 46th Optimist World Championship. First time participants include Bahrain, one of three Gulf states represented, and FYR Macedonia.

The shore venue is at the ***** Blue Dolphin resort launching into the deep blue waters of the bay. Winds during the practice period have been influenced by the Meltemi wind and have been up to 28 knots but this disappeared yesterday and rather lighter thermal winds prevail for the moment.

The Turkish Yachting Federation has called on enthusiasts from all over the Turkish coast to provide a large organisation team headed by Class secretary Neylan Gunay and with the presence of very active TYF president Nazli Imre. The IODA has supplied three International Measurers to check the equipment - 165 charter boats supplied by Winner Optimists plus 90 brought by participants - and two International Race Officers. The International Jury of ten is headed by Americas Cup judge Henry Menin (ISV).

'Form' in the Optimist Class in always difficult to forecast with the young sailors developing rapidly at this age. Of the competitors remaining from last year the highest ranked were Logan Dunning-Beck (NZL), Lara Vadlau (AUT) and Ian Barrows (ISV) but the tight results at the recent North Americans suggest that Puerto Rico's Raul Rios and Ivan Aponte with Rachel Lee and Russell Kan of Singapore may well be in contention. European form is less easy to forecast since Worlds sailors do not participate in the IODA Europeans but notable victories in other major events have been gained by Tadeusz Kubiak (POL), Harald Faste (NOR) and Stijn van Hoye (BEL).

Following a colourful and commendably brief opening ceremony under the walls of Cesme castle and practice racing in up to 18 knots today, the first races of the 15-race schedule start tomorrow 17 July.

Sailed:2, Discards:0, To count:2, Entries:250, Scoring system:Appendix A
RankNatSailNoHelmM/FRace 1Race 2TotalNett
1stGER12322Marten JensM1.
2ndNOR3532Hermann TomasgaardM1.
3rdPUR5395Raul RiosM4.
4thISV8008Ian BarrowsM2.
5thDEN8202Kristien KirketerpM3.
6thSIN112Rachel LeeF7.
7thDEN8201Balder TobiasenM5.
8thNZL4262Sam MackayM4.
9thGER12326Tim FischerM3.
10thTUR706Ceyla YurtsevenF5.
11thISV189Alexander CoyleM14.
12thPER282Jean Paul de TrazegniesM16.
13thNZL4220Andrew MckenzieM17.
14thBRA3322Mario MazzaferroM8.
15thITA7488Michele BenamatiM2.
16thITA7101Luca PaolilloM18.
17thSWE4259Oscar LundquistM9.
18thNOR3578Magnus AndersenM17.
19thCHN663Yang YangM1.
20thBER1017Kalin HillierM19.
21stPUR5595Juan Carlos PerdomoM27.
22ndSIN115Russell KanM26.
23rdNZL4269Naomi ManneringF21.
24thGER12323Oliver OczyczM9.
25thARG3018Mateo MajdalaniM12.
26thJPN3148Takeru WakizakaM7.
27thAUT1004Lara VadlavF19.
28thURU242Gonzalo CarlottoM11.
29thESP1161Carlos LobresM6.
30thFRA1958Corto VielM8.
31stNED2825Jolbert Van DijkM24.
32ndNZL4325Erica DawsonF23.
33rdNED2774Max DeckersM17.
34thSIN118Luke TanM13.
35thUSA15703Antoine ScreveM21.
36thTUR122Ipeknaz OzdenF14.
37thESP1171Jordi XammarM29.
38thCRO983Louro StrihicM12.
39thUSA15120Christopher CravenM19.
40thCHI204Rodrigo DucasseM5.
41stFRA1968Mathias DerrenM28.
42ndITA7239Carlo CucinottaM18.
43rdISV7003Nikole BarnesF6.
44thSWE4215Jesper GunnelingM32.
45thURU240Ignacio PerezM27.
46thSUI1452Jocelyn KellerM13.
47thRSA1382Edu LehtinenM13.
48thBER1016Owen SieseM7.
49thURU335Florencia PregoF15.
50thESP1170Ramon FiguerosM24.
51stUSA13484Axel SlyM10.
52ndPOL1480Mateusz KolataM30.
53rdNOR3118Lars Johan BrootkorbM22.
54thBER1070Brian BulhoesM30.
55thPUR4557Fernando MonllorM23.
56thESP169Sonia AranaF14.
57thCHN95Lu Yu TingF2.
58thCHN508Zhou Chuan ChengM9.
59thECU181Maria Jose CucalonF22.
60thPOL280Tadeusz KubiakM37.
61stARG3033Gonzalo BisiM33.
62ndJPN3166Tomoyo WakabayashiF31.
63rdFRA1931Guillaume PirovelleM18.
64thPUR5775Alejandro MonllorM10.
65thSUI1478Tim WachterM16.
66thTUR148Bora OlcavM10.
67thCHI205Francisco DucasseM33.
68thARG2904Juan Jose AutelliM40.
69thSWE4255Victor AbeniusM31.
70thNED2816Lars Van StekelenborgM30.
71stPER234Stefano PeschieraM25.
72ndJPN2976Keiju OkadaM12.
73rdGRE7238Nicolaos KalafatisM25.
74thRSA1381Alex LehtinenM31.
75thSLO378Domen StepancicM29.
76thARG3023Cesar CosacowM46.
77thPOR2599Goncalo PiresM25.
78thSWE4271Gustav PettersonM26.
79thBEL1095Stijn Van HoyeM54.
80thARG3118Ignacio Jose RogalaM15.
81stISV1995Alecsander TaylerM55.
82ndFIN700Kaarle TapperM46.
83rdFIN491Elmeri PilttiM4.
84thRSA1368Michael CroslandM8.
85thCHI330Nadja HorwitzF43.
86thTUR1058Halil DemirelM11.
87thDEN8214Julie KoldF49.
88thAUT121Tanja FrankF39.
89thTUR1050Mehmet TurkmenM28.
90thFIN555Miikka NikkilaM20.
91stITA7489Guido D'erricoM36.
92ndCRO963Bartul PlenkovicM51.
93rdBRA3383Pedro OliveiraM26.
94thPOL1310Ewa SzczesnaF39.
95thECU418Moises ArayM29.
96thNED2852Pieter GoedhartM24.
97thPER289Fatima GianellaF28.
98thCRO976Bartol KomadinaM37.
99thAHO77Kevin Van OtterdykM48.
100thCRO954Sven KatnicM32.
101stTHA115Sittisart PonpunM20.
102ndIRL1305Jamie AplinM48.
103rdTHA111Jittiwa ThanawitwilatF34.
104thGRE131Greogoris KavasM34.
105thAHO50Louis HendrikxM36.
106thSIN111Darren ChoyM46.
107thMEX548Javier PatronM21.
108thRUS69Kristian ChekhM23.
109thBER1033Connor AstwoodM27.
110thGBR5559David GrantM47.
111thJPN3164Takumi SaitamaM59.
112thSIN117Andrew TangM50.
113thGRE1750Grigorios MazarakisM16.
114thBEL1087Sebastien DevosM49.
115thCHI206Mathias RobertsonM44.
116thTHA112Noppakao PoonpatF34.
117thPER216Francesco PuliattiM42.
118thPOL1101Mateusz SkrabaszewskiM41.
119thAHO9Eugene HendrikxM32.
120thBRA3493Breno AbdulklechM45.
121stGER12324Hannes MartenM35.
122ndAUS400Shelley WhiteF51.
123rdRUS205Maxim NikolaevM50.
124thTHA114Narisara YusawatF38.
125thCOL1141Esteban EchavarriaM40.
126thSWE3947Anna HagbergF38.
127thPUR859Ivan AponteM3.085.0 OCS88.088.0
128thBRN717Abdul Aziz FaisalM38.
129thAUS295Matthew WearnM39.
130thSRB107Luca MinicM51.
131stNZL4232Logan BeckM85.0 OCS5.090.090.0
132ndGRE1526Maria DrosouF45.
133rdFRA1911Pierre de CharryM6.085.0 OCS91.091.0
134thGBR5661Tom BritzM52.
135thAUT1076Alexander KohlendorferM41.
136thNOR3332Aksel JacobsonM60.
137thGBR5814Christian TownrowM58.
138thPOR2442Duarte MonteiroM43.
139thDEN8191Mikael LillegardM35.
140thGRE113Alexandros KavasM36.
141stPOR2324Patricia CostaF42.
142ndDEN8223Christian RostM50.
143rdBRA3325Carlo MazzaferroM11.085.0 OCS96.096.0
144thIRL1269Colm O'ReganM62.
145thCHN119Qiu Yu LongM40.
146thRSA1313Murray WillcocksM49.
147thAHO11Ard Van AaanholtM85.0 OCS14.099.099.0
148thFRA1913Pauline BlaisF15.085.0 OCS100.0100.0
149thMNE89Dusan BogdanovicM66.034.0100.0100.0
150thECU1501Leonardo SantosM47.053.0100.0100.0
151stMEX558Andrea OrtizF33.069.0102.0102.0
152ndSUI1447Victor CasasM54.048.0102.0102.0
153rdIRL1244Katie Gambier-RossF37.066.0103.0103.0
154thNED2822Rick SpeldeM63.040.0103.0103.0
155thTRI1012Wesley ScottM85.0 DNF19.0104.0104.0
156thJPN3136Kyo IbaneM41.063.0104.0104.0
157thCRO892Dominik BacicM20.085.0 OCS105.0105.0
158thSLO957Enej KocjancicM63.042.0105.0105.0
159thURU187Antonella LadosF65.041.0106.0106.0
160thGBR5683Matt WallisM43.063.0106.0106.0
161stAHO8Just Van AanholtM22.085.0 DNF107.0107.0
162ndAUT1000Yannic DullerM44.064.0108.0108.0
163rdRUS131Pavel KravenenkoM52.056.0108.0108.0
164thUSA12208Person PottsM70.039.0109.0109.0
165thESP777Beltran AguilarM47.062.0109.0109.0
166thTRI1006Daniel BriggsM64.047.0111.0111.0
167thIRL1297Killian O'KeeffeM71.041.0112.0112.0
168thFIN463Matias MikkolaM69.043.0112.0112.0
169thBEL1093Matthiev Van SchooteM66.046.0112.0112.0
170thSLO167Matej StanicM53.059.0112.0112.0
171stGBR5665Jamie DiamondM53.059.0112.0112.0
172ndCAN1358Dominic FritzM58.054.0112.0112.0
173rdECU1440Rafael ViteriM57.055.0112.0112.0
174thBEL1092Tom AllemanM67.047.0114.0114.0
175thHUN902Levente TakacsM53.061.0114.0114.0
176thURU197Florencia ParnizariF60.055.0115.0115.0
177thECU1106Emilio QuinteroM85.0 OCS31.0116.0116.0
178thMEX464Alonso UrquizaM56.060.0116.0116.0
179thBEL1099Quinten LootensM75.042.0117.0117.0
180thUKR93Anna KyselovaF64.053.0117.0117.0
181stSRB109Nikola GrujicM61.056.0117.0117.0
182ndMNE62Matija GrazicM60.057.0117.0117.0
183rdCZE66Daniel HajekM57.060.0117.0117.0
184thCAN1271Caroline de AlcalaF68.051.0119.0119.0
185thNOR3576Harald FasteM35.085.0 DSQ120.0120.0
186thHUN1297Attila KerekesM55.065.0120.0120.0
187thTRI181Russell FranklinM76.046.0122.0122.0
188thHUN161Viktor KissM67.058.0125.0125.0
189thUSA15706Duncan WillifordM62.063.0125.0125.0
190thIRL1248Alan KingstonM71.055.0126.0126.0
191stMKD121Erdal LusoM68.058.0126.0126.0
192ndBRA3477Ricardo ParanhosM42.085.0 OCS127.0127.0
193rdFIN315Sofia ToroiF73.054.0127.0127.0
194thMAS936Nuruyana Mohd LatifF61.066.0127.0127.0
195thBUL707Martin TodorovM59.069.0128.0128.0
196thCAN1366Austin SteinM44.085.0 OCS129.0129.0
197thRUS14Kirill LuzanM59.070.0129.0129.0
198thSLO295Maks VrcajM45.085.0 OCS130.0130.0
199thMNE65Majda BegovicF68.064.0132.0132.0
200thPOR2417Pedro RoqueM48.085.0 OCS133.0133.0
201stAUS374Lloyd CollingsM85.0 OCS48.0133.0133.0
202ndPOL1826Konrad LipskiM85.0 OCS49.0134.0134.0
203rdBUL952Zhulien VladovM72.062.0134.0134.0
204thCOL6397Juan ZarateM65.069.0134.0134.0
205thCZE310Ondrej VachelM75.060.0135.0135.0
206thMEX547Cristina OrtizF74.061.0135.0135.0
207thBUL465Daniel NikolovM65.070.0135.0135.0
208thRUS41Aleksandr MoskvichevM67.068.0135.0135.0
209thCHN1008You Xiao XiaoF62.074.0136.0136.0
210thCOL114Elisa EchavarriaF64.072.0136.0136.0
211thTHA113Don WhitcraftM70.066.0136.0136.0
212thAUS247Paris StowellF85.0 OCS52.0137.0137.0
213thGER12325Jan MartenM52.085.0 OCS137.0137.0
214thCAN1324Julien FougereM70.067.0137.0137.0
215thCZE6Stepan NovotnyM54.085.0 OCS139.0139.0
216thMAS929Ahmad LatifkhanM61.078.0139.0139.0
217thMAS39Ahmad ShukriM72.067.0139.0139.0
218thSRB104Matija LagatorM55.085.0 OCS140.0140.0
219thMEX585Camila FloresF69.071.0140.0140.0
220thSUI1486Sebastien SchneiterM56.085.0 OCS141.0141.0
221stSUI1382Fabrice RigotM56.085.0 OCS141.0141.0
222ndCHI189Nicholas RobertsonM77.064.0141.0141.0
223rdBUL243Hristo AndreevM76.065.0141.0141.0
224thSLO1897Zan Luka ZelkoM85.0 OCS57.0142.0142.0
225thUKR96Sevastian LeshchenkoM57.085.0 OCS142.0142.0
226thUKR908Darya SomovaF80.062.0142.0142.0
227thQAT45Saleh TelfatM74.068.0142.0142.0
228thAUS259Amy GallagherF58.085.0 OCS143.0143.0
229thQAT44Nasser TelfatM72.075.0147.0147.0
230thSRB549Nemanja JovanovicM74.073.0147.0147.0
231stPER248Daniel UrquiagaM63.085.0 DNF148.0148.0
232ndBUL242Ivailo AngelovM81.068.0149.0149.0
233rdMAS935Murul Izzatul AkmarF73.076.0149.0149.0
234thAUT212Anne MaehrF85.0 DNF65.0150.0150.0
235thQAT50Alla ShouhdyF83.067.0150.0150.0
236thMNE63Luka PalackovicM79.071.0150.0150.0
237thHUN517Andras WolfM73.077.0150.0150.0
238thPOR2378Joao UvaM66.085.0 OCS151.0151.0
239thQAT46Mohamed Al MuhannadiM78.073.0151.0151.0
240thMKD311Dimitar Pop-StefaniaM79.074.0153.0153.0
241stUKR905Pavlo DontsovM69.085.0 OCS154.0154.0
242ndQAT51Fares Al BakriM82.072.0154.0154.0
243rdUKR215Sofia LarychevaF71.085.0 DNF156.0156.0
244thCAN1287Gordon BruceM77.085.0 OCS162.0162.0
245thCZE111Tomas BachtirM78.085.0 OCS163.0163.0
246thISV111Kyle BregoM85.0 OCS85.0 OCS170.0170.0
246thBER1031Christopher SposatoM85.0 OCS85.0 OCS170.0170.0
246thSRB34Mina StanikicF85.0 OCS85.0 OCS170.0170.0
249thITA6741Olmo CerriM85.0 OCS85.0 OCS170.0170.0
249thRSA1340Alexander ThompsonM85.0 OCS85.0 OCS170.0170.0
Scoring codes used
DNFStarted but did not finish85
OCSOn course side at start or broke rule 30.185