One Antenna, Three Uses, New from Glomex

’Compact and easy to install’ says Glomex
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The more wires you have snaking up the main mast, davits or mizzen, the more potential problems there are. So an innovation which will service several pieces of electronic gear at once is at least worth considering.

Even if you had multiples of these, they could act as back-ups for each other, rather than single use antennae. Naturally, you want the reception to be unimpaired.

Italian company Glomex has recently introduced into the market the new RA201 splitter, thanks to which it is possible to use just one VHF antenna to simultaneously receive the AM/FM and AIS radio signals; furthermore, the VHF transceiver can also be used.

The company describes the splitter as 'a compact component, easy to install in any place, requiring only a 12V power supply, from which a maximum of 25 mA is drawn, a negligible current draw. It is provided with a coaxial input for the antenna and three outputs for VHF, AM/FM radio and AIS.

'Equipped with a built-in preamplifier, it ensures the usual performance of the VHF antenna installed onboard, allowing it to be used for multiple applications. This means a simpler and less expensive system.

'Thanks to an electronic circuit specifically developed by Glomex, the RA201 splitter is able to offer high performance in its three applications, ensuring effective transmission and reception for VHF. The splitter maximum power for VHF is 100 W, therefore twice as much as most devices on the market. Compact, economical and safe: these are the three strong points of a device for those who want to simplify the onboard systems with no sacrifices.

Technical Specification

Preamplifier: built-in
Impedance: 50 Ohm
VHF maximum power: 100 W
Power supply: 12V
Current draw: 25 mA
Inputs: 1
Outputs: 3 for AM/FM, AIS and RTX VHF

To obtain more information or purchase the unit, go to the Glomex website