OTB Marine Victorian O’pen Cup at Safety Beach SC

Silver Fleet being lead by Oliver Hordern at his first Regatta!
Diedre Snooks
Over the weekend, Safety Beach Sailing Club hosted the second annual Victorian O’pen Cup where 33 competitors from across Victoria and as far as North Queensland battled it out for the Victorian title.

Port Phillip Bay behaved itself with almost perfect sailing conditions all weekend. Racing began on Saturday in a light to moderate breeze which eventually set in for the remainder of the day. The Silver fleet headed to shore for a two-up Adventure Race whilst competent Gold Fleet sailors continued to race late into the afternoon.

Sunday morning followed with no breeze allowing for the knock-out style tandem Freestyle Event to take place. Youngsters donned their favourite costume whilst performing unconventional but exciting manoeuvres such as stern standing, see-saws, back flips, mast climbs and boom walks. Pirate style sword fighting won the event with cheering competitors and smiles all round. The afternoon followed with another three point score races completed by both Gold and Silver fleet in light to moderate breeze. Congratulations to all competitors and the Race Committee for a memorable weekend.

Stewart Petley chasing ROCKETMAN! - 2014 Victorian O'pen Cup
Diedre Snooks

Gold Fleet heading down to the bottom mark. - 2014 Victorian O'pen Cup
Diedre Snooks

Silver fleeter Patrick Lazzar mixing it up in the front of the Gold Fleet with his 3.8 Dacron sail. - 2014 Victorian O'pen Cup
Diedre Snooks

Freestyle fun - sword fighting from up the mast! - 2014 Victorian O'pen Cup
Diedre Snooks

Kristen Wadley and Jack Challends go head to head at the VIC O'pen Cup! - 2014 Victorian O'pen Cup
Diedre Snooks


Gold Fleet
U16 Division

1st Kristen Wadley in Gasbag, Tinaroo Sailing Club (Overall first)
2nd Grace Lazzar in BICtastic, Safety Beach Sailing Club
3rd Rachel Pederson in ChocBIC, Parkdale Sailing Club

U13 Division
1st Jack Challends in Illusion, Sandringham Yacht Club (Overall second)
2nd Travis Wadley in Traveller, Tinaroo Sailing Club (Overall third)
3rd Jack Lazzar in BICtorious, Safety Beach Sailing Club

Silver Fleet
1st Orlando Yen in The pen is mightier than the sword, Sugarloaf Sailing Club
2nd Tori Campbell in BICilicious, Safety Beach Sailing Club
3rd Ben Brunten in BlueBIC, Rye Yacht Club
4th Conall Green in Aaracon, Torquay Sailing Club

Freestyle Event
1st Marvin Baas and Stewart Petley
2nd Charlie Shaw and Matisse Shaw

Silver Fleet Adventure Race (2-up)
1st Conall Green and Zakhele Stevens
2nd Patrick Lazzar and Tori Campbell
3rd Edward Fuggle and Toby Fuggle

Thanks to our Major Sponsor OTB Marine and Optimum Time for supporting the event. The AIOBA would also like to thank Glenn Lazzar and his team at Safety Beach Sailing Club for hosting an excellent regatta at a brilliant venue.

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