Nuplex win 12 Foot Skiff Interdominions

The Royal Air Force (aka)Design Source (GBR) fly a mission during Race 7, 12ft Interdominion Championships, Worser Bay

Alex Vallings and Jeremy Smith (Nuplex - NZL) have wrapped up the 12 Foot Skiff Interdominions Silasec Trophy for individual honours with a day and two races to spare.

Vallings said there was no single aspect to his and Smiths campaign that led to their dominance of this year’s regatta, but a culmination of a number. 'We sailed using simple tactics, had no breakages and were fortunate to make the right rig calls. Over the winter I made some changes to the boat (a bit wider under the water) which has made us faster and given us a ‘low and fast’ option. Jeremy also spent time in the gym bulking up (now 98kg), that extra power combined with the changes to the boat has really helped our pace.'

New Zealand has also sewn up the John Brooke Memorial trophy for another year. With 126 possible points available in for the winning team in any race New Zealand’s 837 to 510 lead is now unassailable.

New Zealand team captain Steve Hogg put the victory down to technology. 'The development of technologies that have filtered through the Kiwi team is well ahead of what I see on the Australian skiffs, which has given us a real edge and a depth to our team the Australians haven’t been able to match.'

The real interest in tomorrow’s final two races will be determining the minor placings with a real interest on fifth to ninth where the five skiffs (Gizmo, Dimension Polyant, MGS, Inspire Group and Romulus) are only separated by five points.

Sailed:8, Discards:1, To count:7, Entries:25, Scoring system:My scoring system
1stNZLNuplexNZLAlex VallingsJeremy Smith-41111131139
2ndAUSGardeAUSBrett HobsonAlex Johnson24-9227223021
3rdNZLMartin HughesNZLChris SkinnerDavid Healey12-117112164130
4thAUSGobsmacked Dwarves(POM)AUSPaul O'Malley JonesRichard Billet5-1163331174938
5thNZLDimension Polyant (NZ)NZLSimon GanleyRod Chave-1454688955945
6thAUSGizmoAUSMichael BochnerTim Barraclough-17133894546346
7thNZLMGSNZLRussel DavisTim Christenson-1598455786146
8thNZLInspire GroupNZLShaun SheldrakeCraig Anderson3-12711129436149
9thNZLRomulusNZLStephen HoggRoger Barnes108257612-186850
10thNZLNice Action TooNZLHamish HeyMike Candy8310-1541410147863
11thNZLAs Good As it GetsNZLGlen ArmstrongTim Faulkner975-16101214108367
12thAUSThistle Hill WinesAUSMatthew KilloranRichard Jones12-1613961115139579
13th Design Source NZ (K&M)NZLPaul MacintoshKen Fyfe11141517(26.0 DNF)106910882
14thNZLCarbon SequestrationNZLTe GuruDan Leach761610(26.0 DNF)26.0 DNC81211185
15th The DiamondNZLJason ParkinMel Hargreaves6171212(26.0 DNF)15131111286
16thAUSMaersk LineAUSEdward CoxPeter Bevis1610(26.0 DNF)1314171616128102
17thAUSDipolar SoftwareAUSEd BlackmanPaul Carpenter1315(26.0 DNF)26.0 DNF13131815139113
18thAUSAtCall Powered by Bainbridge InternationAUSAndrew StevensonBrad Greenrod18181414(26.0 DNF)161717140114
19th AMINZLJames GordonJulian Payne192119(26.0 DNF)26.0 DNF26.0 DNF1923179153
20thAUSPink BitsAUSNicholas BernardAndrew Obrien2020(26.0 DNF)26.0 DNF26.0 DNF192121179153
21st Design Source UKGBRBob ClementsAlan Atterbury22(26.0 DNF)1726.0 DNF26.0 DNS26.0 DNF2020183157
22nd Bulley HayesNZLDan FalterStuart Tinner(26.0 DNF)191826.0 DNF26.0 DNS1826.0 DNS26.0 DNS185159
23rd This Way UpNZLGraham RobertsJosh Bahlman(26.0 DNS)26.0 DNF2026.0 DNF26.0 DNS202222188162
24th CRC / Lost in SupermarketNZLBilly WrightWilliam Wright2122(26.0 DNF)26.0 DNF26.0 DNS26.0 DNF2419190164
25thAUSThe Wing manAUSJames FlemingDaniel Hayes23(26.0 DNF)26.0 DNC26.0 DNF26.0 DNS26.0 DNS2326.0 DNS202176
Scoring codes used
DNCDid not come to the starting area26
DNFStarted but did not finish26
DNSCame to the start area but did not start26

Race 7, 12ft Interdominion Championships, Worser Bay

The 12 Foot Skiff is a high performance skiff sailed in New Zealand and Australia with an emerging fleet in England.

The major regatta is the Interdominion Championships which alternates between Australia and New Zealand. Previous regattas have been close and tightly fought contests with last year’s regatta having seven different winners over the eight races sailed.

There are minimal hull measurement rules basically restricting length, width and weight giving freedom for people to design and build their own boats. Hulls are made from carbon fibre and foam sandwich to achieve the minimum weight of only 45kgs.

The majority of skiffs have two or three carbon masts to choose from with a combination of sails giving up to five rig combinations. This allows the skiffs to race in 5 - 35 knots of wind.