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SGW Event Coordinator Doug Jarvis - Skandia Geelong Week
I returned a few weeks ago from Audi Hamilton Island Race Week and judging by the smiles – all went well with the 25th celebration and everyone involved should be congratulated. We have a close association with the island and we are forever swapping notes in an endeavour to improve our respective regattas and the sport.

Congratulations to Alan Whiteley and the crew on Cougar. It has been a while since a Victorian boat has claimed the coveted IRC crown. Whilst still on the subject of HI – it was great to run into our friends at Sunsail. Sunsail are long time supporters of both events and I only wish they had a fleet of yachts available in Victoria.

150th jubilee – we need your help
This year’s advertising campaign revolves around Old & Bold. Old because the host club, Royal Geelong Yacht Club (RGYC), is celebrating 150 years, and bold due to the sheer size of Skandia Geelong Week. 150 years is a monumental milestone. To mark the occasion we will be housing a museum in a marquee adjacent to the entrance of the club and we need your help.
Skandia Docklands Invitational 2008 winner Beau Geste - Skandia Geelong Week

We are searching for memorabilia and artefacts from the past 150 years, i.e. photos, magazines, trophies, old NORs, old crew shirts, video – anything at all. Every item will be catalogued and returned at the end of the regatta. Please contact Stacey on (03) 5229 9101 or email

New berthing facility
RGYC and the organising team are doing everything possible to fast track a new berthing facility in Geelong. The City of Greater Geelong and Sport & Recreation Victoria have been working with the club in an effort to solve our increasing berthing problems. Ironically it is the success of the event that has exasperated the situation. We will keep everyone informed on developments.

Changes to the Off the Beach policy
Over the last few years our OTB program had been all over the shop. It was a typical case of trying to be all things for all people and it hasn’t worked. After a detailed review we have decided to host only state, national and international championships. We believe Skandia Geelong Week is a super stage for championships and we hope to attract the strongest classes. In 2009 we kick off with the Moth Nationals, and possibly the RSX. (The latter is still being negotiated) The Moth Association is expecting up to 75 entrants, including a number of international visitors and we will be doing everything possible to ensure they have the most positively memorable championships ever.

Multihulls – Victorian State Championships?
Multihulls at Skandia Geelong Week - Skandia Geelong Week
The Multihull Association is hoping to expand their series at SGW and attract more interstate entries. The concept would see the series start and finish in Geelong. The program would include a race to Blairgowrie, Safety Beach to Williamstown and a two day stopover in the Docklands that will coincide with the Invitational. RGYC Sailing Committee is currently reviewing the concept. Stay tuned to the web for more information.

Pomme invasion expected
Our Kangaroos not Cowes promotion is set to tempt even more Poms to SGW. See details elsewhere in the newsletter. Special thanks to Tourism Australia and Diageo for helping us out.

Skandia Docklands Invitational
RGYC has recently called for Expression of Interest for the 2009 Invitational and judging by the feedback received at Hamilton Island - we are expecting some of the BIG names to attend? We are early days with this Docklands extension to Geelong Week, but the way it is shaping up it has a bright future.

Please visit for more detail.

2009 Skandia Geelong Week promotional video
Visit to watch the 2009 Skandia Geelong Week promo video on the opening page.

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