New Olympic Womens Skiff 49erFX - Images from around the World

Australia - 49er FX

The 49erFx has taken off, since being selected in May 2012 as the Womens Olympic Skiff.

Here's a gallery of 12 images from 12 of the 21 countries which are sailing the 49erFX - currently 135 rigs have been ordered/shipped by the end of November.

USA - sailing upwind on San Francisco Bay - 49er FX

Sweden - 49er FX

Germany - 49er FX

Canada - 49er FX

Image of the Day Taking delivery of a new 49erFX

Spain - 49er FX

RG0048- not (10) - 49er FX

RG0048- not (23) - 49er FX

RG0048- NOR - 49er FX

Denmark - 49er FX

Silja Lehtinen (FIN) - 49er FX