New OK Dinghy World Champion

Karl Purdie New OK Dinghy World Champion
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OK Dinghy World Championship Final day.

Confirmed series results will be available shortly but barring recourse, protest or recount, we have a new World Champion for 2010 … Karl Purdie from Worser Bay Boating Club, Wellington.

Michael Williams (AUS73) finished second and local (junior) Matt Steven (NZL519) third.


Race 9
1st GBR2134 – Nick Craig
2nd NZL519 – Matt Steven
3rd NZL479 - Kegan Weeks
4th NZL531 – Karl Purdie
5th NZL 522 – Greg Wilcox

Race 10
1st NZL522 – Greg Wilcox
2nd GBR2134 – Nick Craig
3rd SWE100 – Thomas Hansson-Mild
4th AUS730 – Michael Williams
5th NZL536 – Nigel Mannering

Greg Wilcox - OK Dinghy World Championship
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Matt Steven. OK Dinghy World Championship
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