New Cowes Metre Regatta & Classic Keelboat Regatta

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Australian 8-metre yacht Saskia. - Metre Centenary Regatta in Cowes

Next year, a new combined International Regatta is to be held in Cowes for Metre boats and classic racing keelboats from 22 to 25 July 2008 to be run by the Royal London Yacht Club the same week as the British Classic Yacht Club Regatta which is being run in association with the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club.

The event will be run annually and such an occasion will establish Cowes as the centre for classic racing in Northern Europe consistent with its heritage. The event will be immediately followed by the Household Division Regatta and the Royal Yacht Squadron Regatta – two, one day regattas for invited racing classes.

These events will bring to Cowes the largest fleet of classic boats ever assembled in the UK. There is substantial support for continuing a Metre Regatta following the success of the Centenary Regatta for the International Rule held in Cowes during July this year at which 80 Metre boats attended.

Fleet racing will be organised for 6mR, 8mR and 12mR boats. Other classes may sail in the mixed fleet or, if sufficient boats attend separate starts will be provided. This provides these boats with a real opportunity to sail together and the event is timed to follow their respective European and World Championships.

8 Metre Worlds 2007
There is additional demand from classic keel racing boats for an event that brings these classic boats together - boats such as 5.5mR, Darings, Classic Dragons, IOD, Requin, Swallows, the Square Metre classes, Sunbeams, etc. and the many classic one‐design classes. In the past almost every major yacht club has commissioned their own one design.

Many of these normally only have the opportunity to sail in small local fleets based around the few remaining boats and enthusiastic owners. Some fleets are so fragmented that they have little opportunity to sail together; this event will provide an opportunity to sail in larger fleets of similar boats.

A rating system will be used for mixed fleet(s) and a separate start or fleet result will be provided if sufficient numbers attend. It is hoped that fleets may adopt the event as a regular or occasional slot in their calendar although the format is designed to enable all comers.

Class Captains are encouraged to contact David Elliott – see below.

Moorings have been arranged with Shepherds Wharf and the Harbourmaster. On the whole, the boats are fairly easily moved and mainland facilities will be organised for launching and the crossing to Cowes.

A full social programme is planned.

We are fortunate that Bob Milner will act as Chief Race Officer – on his recent return from assisting with the Superyacht Regatta in Palma Majorca, Bob said 'It will be wonderful that Cowes can attract such a superb fleet of these wonderful classes which have had such a significant impact on racing over the lastcentury.'

Rees Martin (Secretary GBR 6mR)
David Elliott (Secretary for Racing Classes, BCYC)

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