NSW International 420 Championships - Wind and close racing return

Conor Campbell & Xavier Winston-Smith in tight racing. - NSW International 420 State Championships
Seamus Campbell
The first day of the NSW International 420 Championships was tricky for all with big shifts. On day two, much missed sunshine returned along with a good, steady Noreasterly.

Whilst the scoreboard showed an emphatic Championship win to Conor Campbell (crew) and Xavier Winston-Smith (skipper). Conor and Xavier came from Optis in August last year and have steadily built up to a big state title win.

There were some tight tussles throughout with some exciting finishes. Tom Milburn (crew) and James Griffin (skipper) were pipped for second overall in the last race by Queenslanders Ollie Annear (crew) and Klaus Lorenz (skipper). Team Raj had some good improved results as did a number of crews brand new to 420's especially the big contingent from MHYC which is supporting the class in a big way. GRSC ran a terrific championship under the guidance of Andrew MCLauchlan.

2012 State Champs Xavier Winston Smith (s) & Conor Campbell (c) - NSW International 420 State Championships
Seamus Campbell