Moth UK National Championships - Arnaud Psarofaghis leads after day 3

Moth UK Nationals 2011 - Stokes Bay
International Moth
The International Moth UK National Championships are underway and are being sailed in the Solent off Stokes Bay from the 7th to 10th of July.

Day 3

Way back on Thursday, word in the boat park was that Saturday would be a peachy Mothing day with a nice force 4 in the bay. Pah! So much for three day weather forecasts. Today dawned a little breezier than forecast and then it built a bit. The sun was out though, so that was nice. Arnaud Psarofaghis lit up the scoreboard in the two races of the day (four were scheduled but conditions dictated that we all think again).

Jason Belben, Simon Payne and Richard Lovering shared the limelight thereafter with Pete Barton and Jason Russell, amongst others, putting in some nice performances. There was a fair amount of carnage spread around the course and the rescue boat crews deserve a big 'hurrah' for their help. So nice work all round to those who went out and no shame on those who preserved their boats and their dignities by resting ashore!

Day 2

And the day was spent…. boat faffing, drinking coffee, having the AGM. Yes broken boats have been re-stuck, ripped sails have been sewn, bent bits have been straightened, yesterday's heros have been celebrated and bruised egos have been massaged but no Moths have been afloat today.

With a steady 25-35 knots hammering straight on shore, PRO Mike Rayden expertly called it a day early allowing all good Mothies to do whatever all good Mothies do on a day off. Let them rest well for tomorrow and Sunday they will do four races instead of three. But then according to Mike that's letting them off lightly - our keen race team thought five races on Saturday would be fun. The fleet didn't - nuf said?

Results after Day 3:

Moth UK National Championship  
RankSail NoBowHelmClubRace_1Race_2Race_3Race_4Race_5Nt Pts
11043Arnaud PsarofaghisSwitzerland1(2)2115
2361919Jason BelbenStokes Bay SC2112(4)6
3383627Simon PayneHayling Island SC3(5)33211
436296Richard LoveringHayling Island SC57(8)4319
5388916Chris RashleyRoyal London YC / Stokes Bay SC4449(10)21
6379522Pete BartonLymington Town SC8(10)55725
737082Mike LennonHayling Island SC667(20)1130
837158Jason RussellHayling Island SC11(13)911536
9325326Gareth DaviesStone SC(24)14106636
1037575Ben PatonLymington Town SC99118(58/DNC)37
11380418Ricky TaggHayling Island SC1386(22)1845
1238057Tom OfferRock SC1020127(58/DNC)49
13341934DJ EdwardsTata Steel SC19(39)1410952
14373014Jon PeatsCastle Cove SC151515(16)853
15389025Paul HignettLoch Venachar SC20111312(58/DNC)56
16362242Fabien FroeschSwitzerland12(22)16171661
17379436Emma AspingtonSweden(58/DNC)1819181570
18375453Rod HarrisParkstone YC(26)1220241773
19384640Mikis PsarofaghisSwitzerland2330(58/DNC)151381
20374157Lucas BrunICRJ(28)2424132283
21360711Tim PenfoldHayling Island SC1621(28)272185
22342817Tim OllerenshawGrafham Water SC(58/DNC)3226191996
23362030Olivier VidalHayling Island SC7(58/DNC)58/DNC2114100
24311531Sam TozerQueen Mary SC22252528(58/DNC)100
2538919Mike CookeBristol Corinthian YC17323(58/DNC)58/DNC101
26370447Mark DellThorpe Bay YC141717(58/DNC)58/DNC106
27408221Alex AdamsCastle Cove SC27(58/DNF)58/DNC1412111
28332351Martin FearBristol Corinthian YC211618(58/DNC)58/DNC113
2937643Phil OligarioHayling Island SC181922(58/DNC)58/DNC117
30389332Tom LambertDraycote Water SC33333029(58/DNC)125
31362128Richard EdwardsParkstone YC302829(58/DNC)58/DNC145
32361313Kevin EllwayStokes Bay SC322631(58/DNC)58/DNC147
33367539Pablo SabaterSpain(58/DNC)232158/DNC58/DNC160
34344515Richard WestburyBartley SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC2620162
35379337Magnus GravareSweden(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC2524165
36343246Paul BeardQueen Mary SC(58/DNC)272758/DNC58/DNC170
37302133Katherine KnightWPNSA(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC3025171
38361210Jo EvansStokes Bay SC2931(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC176
3938371Graham SimmondsHayling Island SC2536(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC177
40383041Andrillon YannFrance3134(58/OCS)58/DNC58/DNC181
41319244Chris JeevesHolland3435(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC185
42409120Darren McNamaraBristol Corinthian YC3538(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC189
43336849Colin NewmanDraycote Water SC3637(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC189
441129Leigh AlbrechtQueen Mary SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC23197
45371350James PhareQueen Mary SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC2358/DNC197
46337324Neil BakerHayling Island SC(58/DNC)2958/DNC58/DNC58/DNC203
47=375658Alan WatsonBristol Corinthian YC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=376612Alex KoukouakisEastbourne Sov SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=361859Matthew PonsfordHayling Island SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=36744Simon ReynoldsWhitstable YC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=71555Claire GavigniauxFrance(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=389252Andrew FriendQueen Mary SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=361435Doug PybusQueen Mary SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=366854Patrick CunninghamGurnard SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=201856Anthony RezzougFrance(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=403223Peter ConwayLymington Town SC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232
47=307848Leo CarswellBristol Corinthian YC(58/DNC)58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC58/DNC232