Most fuel efficient Eco Catamaran - on show at Sanctuary Cove

Eco Cat 1
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Within the Eco Catamaran range, Aluminium Boats Australia (ABA) offers a larger commuter vessel that has a maximum capacity of 433 passengers and crew, and it will be on show for the first time at next week's Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

At 35m, these double decked boats are popular for heavier ocean faring clients. This boat requires only five crew members. According to ABA, she’s easy to drive having a jet propulsion engine system that uses less fuel than a small four cylinder car per passenger. This vessel has won numerous accolades and praise, the most significant coming from Rolls Royce who audited this vessel class as the most fuel efficient passenger vessel currently operating ANYWHERE.

Eco Cat Cap Spirit
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These catamarans are fast, safe and reliable with no down hours since delivery of the first vessel in August 2011, Capricornian Dancer.

Since then, ABA has delivered two sister vessels, the Capricornian Spirit launched January 2012 and closely followed Capricornian Surfer launched in April 2012. Capricornian Sunset, the vessel on show at SCIBS is set to be officially launched next month.

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