More than 10,000 turn out for Rosehill Trailerboat Show

The Club Marine exhibit attracted plenty of boaters eager to take out or re-new insurance on their pride and joy.
Bob Wonders
The attendance was slightly down on 2010, but organiser the Boating Industry Association (BIA) of NSW was well satisfied with the 10,292 people who turned up at Rosehill Gardens for the eighth trailerboat show staged over the weekend of March 5-6.

Attendance actually marked the third successive year that the popular show has exceeded 10,000 visitors, seemingly assuring its place as one of the most popular regional shows in the land.

Marketing and event manager for the BIA, Domenic Genua, said an association board decision to drop admission charges had paid off to everyone’s advantage.

'Prior to making changes, including introducing free admission and free parking, we were only attracting visitation in the 5000 number region,' he said.

'Our duty as an industry association is to bring prospective buyers to our members and I believe we have certainly achieved that aim with the Rosehill Trailerboat Show.

'Visitors feedback across the board has been positive and there were people attending the show with a mixed desire for all types of product.

'In that, our members delivered, with canoes and kayaks, tinnies and ‘glass boats of all shapes and sizes,' he added.

Ski boats, family boats, specialist fishing boats, even tug boats, were among the major displays, together with an array of personal watercraft and outboard engines ranging from portables to heavyweight horsepower.

Regular exhibitor Hunts Marine was again to the fore with an impressive display.
Bob Wonders

Many visitors took advantage to check up on or take out insurance with the Club Marine display doing solid business as was the NSW Maritime exhibit which attended to licensing and registration inquiries.

Many accessory displays attracted interest, among them BIAS Boating and GME, while fishing tackle retailers also appeared to be doing a roaring trade.

Numerous show visitors were spotted leaving the complex ‘festooned’ with fishing rods, gaffs and bags of tackle equipment.

Long marketed and promoted along the lines of a ‘summer clearance’ show, the Rosehill Trailerboat Show continues to offer a convenient ‘meeting point’ for buyer and seller.

'For the astute show visitor, the Rosehill Trailer Boat Show continues to provide boaters with a grand opportunity to pick up a great buy,' Mr Genua added.

For further information, contact the BIA of NSW, Crows Nest, telephone (02) 9438-2077.

Alan Blake (Blakes Marine) was all smiles; either he's just a 'happy chappie' or maybe he's just sold a boat?
Bob Wonders

Lewis Boats' Steve Parker has had previous success at Rosehill and was hoping for a similar result.
Bob Wonders

The best from Quintrex displayed by the Sydney Powerboat Centre was a highlight.
Bob Wonders

Bruce Allison (Allison Alloy Boats) ready to do business at the Rosehill Trailerboat Show.
Bob Wonders

Domenic Genua, Marketing and Devent Manager for the Boating Industry Association of NSW, introduced his recently-appointed assistant Nataliw Walker, to her first show since joiing the body.
Bob Wonders’s Rob Kothe (left) and Horizon Aluminium Boats’ CEO Bob James, who made the trip down from the Gold Coast to support his dealer network.
Bob Wonders