Melbourne Osaka Race - Turbulence backwards at a rate of knots!

Turbulence - Melbourne to Osaka 2013
Melbourne Osaka Race 2013 - The latest position update from Turbulence suggests they are on the edge of the Kuroshio current but they are now making 5kt SOG in the right direction.

Meanwhile in near gale-force winds Southern Cross continues to steadily make their way NW. Kiss Goodbye To MS was heading NW but in the last few hours has made a left hand turn, due to the changed direction of the wind.

Here is the overnight email update from Paul and Eric on Turbulence:

Turbulence - overnight track - Melbourne to Osaka 2013
G’day all, its 0045 01/05/13 and we are currently going backwards at a rate of a knot and a half so I’ve retreated downstairs as there is nothing I can do on deck to make the boat go quicker, we still have a current of 6knots against us and I’m very appreciative of the AIS to allow me to come below make a coffee (no sugar arghh) and write this email! It is raining on deck and has been since yesterday afternoon! Were waiting for a gale warning to come through today and hoping it comes sooner rather then later as the boat is reefed and ready to rock n roll and just hope its aft and we can push through this tide! Very disheartening to watch the instruments Monday night/Tuesday with the boat speed showing 10 plus knots and SOG 4 knots and thinking we could be finished if not for the current! We still have over 50 litres of water on board and cryovac meals so starving or dehydration aint an issue! Eric is plugging away hopeful of some sort of miracle to see us finish sooner rather then later and he like I is worried that time is against us as I have to be on that plane Saturday night for work commitments the following night without option and too not finish would be a disaster! Hard to believe that as of 1430hours today we will have been at sea 42 days , we wouldn’t of ever thought we could be this unlucky and after going from chocolates to boiled lollies in the last Westcoast race we thought our bad luck was behind us! Not to worry we will plug away!

All the best Paul/Eric