Man Overboard! - See the Video

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In an effort to promote safe sailing, UK-Halsey will be running a number of streaming video clips with instructional text on safety at sea techniques on their web site. Read on to see the first video (Quicktime necessary)

The first episode has already been posted. It shows the perfect technique for doing a Quick Stop man overboard recovery while the spinnaker is flying. In the future they will show how to do the Quick Stop while sailing upwind, how to right and climb into a life raft as well as how to use and set up storm sails -- along with other lessons. Not all of the footage will be of perfect technique; some will also show common mistakes from which viewers can learn.

Most of their video was shot during the US Merchant Marine Academy's first-ever 'Hands On' Safety at Sea Seminar held in early April at Kings Point, N.Y. This was an historic event, at which over 200 people had a chance to light flares, extinguish fires, climb in a floating life raft, use storm sails and sail a man overboard drill with a real person in the water. The hands-on format played to rave reviews. It is a much better way to learn offshore safety techniques. In the past, such day-long events were classroom affairs, and students reported suffering from information overload.

UK-Halsey was a proud sponsor of the event which proved to be the best way to teach safety at sea.

When watching the video, do note how it takes three men and a significant struggle to get the man back on board after he has made contact with the boat. This will underline for cruisers, the extreme difficulty of getting someone back on board in a two-handed situation.

Click here to see the first video. You'll have to log in to see it, but it's free and just takes a few minutes. Then when you get to the video page, click on the small arrow bottom left of the photo to start. (Quicktime or alternative necessary)

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