Louis Vuitton Cup Saturday - Racing Abandoned

Committee Boat
Louis Vuitton Cup Saturday - After waiting for over two hours racing was finally abandoned at 16:15 local time.

Wind never got above 7 knots.

Of the six days of scheduled racing, only one has been completed so far.

On the first scheduled weekend of racing at the Louis Vuitton Cup a large spectator fleet assembled on a sunny and warm Saturday to watch the action, but once again the wind didn’t cooperate, and there was no racing. It’s the fifth day to have racing postponed due to a lack of wind.

The challengers have agreed to amend the racing schedule to allow for the disruption caused by the postponements. Each of the Round Robin One flights will now be conducted in order and Round Robin One will be completed before Round Robin Two begins.

Fortunately, the forecast for Sunday is more promising. A stronger Easterly gradient wind should allow racing in Flights 3 and 4, on what is forecast to be a mainly clear Sunday.