Louis Vuitton Cup- Luna Rossa hits a fish, breaks a rudder, limps home

Artemis practiced foiling on the South SF bay, away from the crowds - America's Cup

Luna Rossa can't seem to buy any luck as they hit a large fish, or a seal, or maybe a log, while foiling downwind during their solo LLouis Vuitton Cup race today. Their scheduled opponent, Artemis, is not yet ready to race, but was out practicing on the South Bay.

Luna Rossa's crew suffered no injuries, though the boat reared-up at a very steep angle after striking the fish and breaking their rudder, and then slamming down and stopping. Photos by Sail-World photographer Chuck Lantz.

Artemis crew takes a break after two practice sessions. - America's Cup 2013

Artemis getting back on form and showing a deeper mainsail profile than other AC72s - America's Cup 2013

Artemis' AC45 foiling practice last week seems to have paid-off on the AC72 - America's Cup

Prada after hitting a large fish, breaking their rudder and slamming down. - America's Cup

Prada crewman signals that everyone seems to be OK - 2013 America's Cup

Artemis lifts her skirt for the cameras - America's Cup 2013