Louis Vuitton Cup- Chuck Lantz's view of Day 4 in San Francisco

ETNZ and Luna Rossa doing the standard crossing shot, almost, in the haze of San Francisco bay. - America’s Cup 2013

One of Sail-World's photographers, Chuck Lantz, was shoreside on San Francisco Bay, and filed this impression of the day, along with an image gallery.

Haze, some leftover fog and long lens shots from the windward mark were the order of the day as ETNZ pounced on Luna Rossa from the start. They never let-up, winning decisively on Day 4 of the Louis Vuitton Cup elimination series.

The good and bad news for shore-side spectators was that today's currents and wind kept the marks farther offshore than usual.

The good news is that the water-borne police and their minions were out in force, and - finally - keeping all view-blocking civilian boat traffic from the corridor between the shore and the race course.

Views from shore being blocked by spectator boats were a major complaint during the America's Cup World Series, so it's good to see some progress on that front.

The replica of the yacht America under sail at the Golden Gate bridge on race day. - America's Cup 2013

Even a Vessel Assist logo didn't help this guy sneak into the restricted area. - America's Cup 2013

Within minutes after the start, ETNZ had built a huge lead over Luna Rossa. - America's Cup 2013

Luna Rossa looks fast, but ETNZ is simply much faster - America's Cup 2013

ETNZ and Luna Rossa doing the standard crossing shot, almost, in the haze of San Francisco bay. - America's Cup 2013

ETNZ punches through the chop while gybing - America's Cup 2013

Luna Rossa heading towards the leeward mark, while ETNZ enjoys a comfortable lead. - America's Cup 2013

In the haze with Alcatraz in the background, ETNZ leads Luna Rossa by a wide margin right after the start - America's Cup 2013

ETNZ up on her foils and flying towards a win over Luna Rossa - America's Cup 2013