Longtze returns to port for repairs to keel box

China Team - Louis Vuitton Cup
At the beginning of sailing today, the crew discovered a perceived problem in the keel box (the junction between the keel and the hull).

It was necessary for CHN95 to leave the starting zone and to investigate further. The repair work has been organized rapidly in order for China Team to return to competition as soon as possible. The repair work is estimated to take 72 hours.

Luc Gellusseau, chief operations manager:
'It is a zone we have already kept an eye on following the problem with the mast collar yesterday. We quickly saw before the races today that the keel box is seriously damaged and required immediate repairs. It is a race against time we are fighting now. Un stepping the mast, taking off the keel are both necessary to carry out the repairs. We will be working 24 by 24 to be ready for sailing on Sunday.'