Long Island waters could become more taxing this summer

Sunset Harbour Marina, centrally located on the South Shore of Long Island in East Patchogue, New York.
Vinings Marine
The New York Posts reports that the waters of Long Island could become more taxing this summer for some boaters who dock in New York while trying to evade state sales tax.

That’s the promise of New York State Department of Taxation and Finance officials. who believe the Empire State is being cheated out of millions of dollars a year. So, tax collectors are patrolling various Long Island docks, targeting boaters who buy boats in states with lower sales taxes, then dock in New York waters.

'Out-of-state boaters thinking about docking their sloop, yacht or cabin cruiser in the Empire State’s waterways had better keep their checkbooks aboard,' according to Sharon Ackerman, a CPA. She is the director of the tax controversy services group of Anchin, Block and Anchin, a New York City-based accounting and advisory firm.

Tax evaders may be New Yorkers who bought boats out of state or people who have come from other states to use New York facilities. Either way, Ackerman says, it could trigger a big tax bill and penalty.

Ackerman warns that even if one thinks he or she has ducked the taxes, state agents take numbers at New York docks and eventually nab tax cheaters, whether it takes months or a year.

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