London Olympics 2012- Sailing Olympics Newsletter - Day 2

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July 30, 2012 Weymouth, England - Mens Skiff (49er) Race 1 winners Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen
Welcome to's 2012 Olympic Newsletter for Day 2, July 30, 2012

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GBR - London 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition
The second day of the 2012 Olympic Sailing Regatta has concluded - sailed in much the same conditions as the first.

Today three more events got underway - the Mens Skiff (49er), and the Mens and Womens Singlehander (Laser and Laser Radial).

The contrast could not have been more different.

On the Nothe course, which is a natural stadium for sailing, the sun was out, the light beautiful, the colours bright, and the sailing great. Well, it looked great from the media boats, and we're sure the crowd on the grassy knoll, were treated to a very unique, and historic, sight.

Two races were staged for the 49ers, with plenty of razzle dazzle, which is part and parcel of skiff sailing.

They will move to the medal course tomorrow inside Portland Harbour, and for the first time in the regatta all three racing zones will be in operation.

The Mens and Womens Singlehander got underway, without the gentle introduction that the Finns, 49ers and Womens Match Racing had of racing on the inshore courses before heading out into Weymouth Bay.

Conditions were fresh, with winds of up to 20kts mentioned at this morning’s briefing, and certainly there was plenty of sympathy for the competitors slogging around the big course, 1.6nm in diameter.

4000 paying spectators each day. Finn class racing at the 2012 Olympic Games London/Weymouth

While conditions might have been idyllic on the Nothe, it was hard and cold on the Bay.

Welcome to the Olympics!

In the afternoon, the Womens Match Racers took over the Nothe, working through their qualification rounds.

Ainslie GBR - London 2012 Olympic Sailing Competition

The day's controversy was with the Finns, with home town hero, Ben Ainslie not enjoying one of his better days – dropping down the points table.

He will have to dig deep to pull this regatta off – but that is a feat of which he is more than capable.

July 30, 2012 Weymouth, England - Womens Match Racing - Netherlands crew

In this edition of Sail-World’s Olympic newsletter we have all the background and reports on the day’s racing, along with some great images from some of the world’s top photographers.

We’ll all be back in action tomorrow – stay tuned to

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
Olympic Editor

London 2012 - Olympic Games - Day 2 - SWE
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