Loki smashes Bird Island race record - takes handicap win

Loki sets up for the chute - Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2011
Showing she will a strong contender for the 2011 Rolex Sydney Hobart race, Stephen Ainsworth’s Loki has smashed Brindabella’s 15 year-old race record in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s Bird Island Race in the early hours of this morning, making it a fourth record for the Sydney thoroughbred, which perfected the race by taking the trifecta – line honours, the record and the overall win.

Ainsworth, who is away in the USA, left sailing master Gordon Maguire in charge of his Reichel/Pugh 63 which wins the 55th Janzoon Trophy for her Bird Island overall IRC win.

'You beauty – another record – the boys must have had a great ride,' Ainsworth said when told the news shortly after Loki finished the 85 nautical mile race at 1.38.56am in the time of 6 hours 38 minutes and 56 seconds, taking 1 hour 3min 4sec off the record.

'It was a pretty straightforward race and the record went because the conditions were right,' Gordon Maguire said this morning.

Loki followed up her 2009 Audi Sydney Offshore Newcastle and Cabbage Tree Island race records with the Flinders Islet record in October 2010.

Maguire told how the initial 25 knots from the south gradually dropped off to a 12 knot finish in Rushcutters Bay this morning. 'By the time we got to Bird Island, it was 14-15 knots. It was a relatively nice evening race,' he said. 'We’ll be in bed by 3.00am – that’s a nice change,' he added.

'The wind veered south/east and went further east on the way home,' Maguire offered, prophesising a slow ride home for the smaller boats. He was right, the breeze kept fading.

Brindabella broke the race record back in 1996, when owned by George Snow, in 7 hours, 42mins, 15secs and still holds the Audi Sydney Gold Coast Race, set by Snow in 1999. Her now owner, Jim Cooney, will be feeling a little disappointed this morning. After finishing an excellent second on line, the yacht missed beating its record time by a mere six minutes.

Sam Hayne’s Rogers 46, Celestial, sailed the race of her life to finish second overall from Ed Psaltis and Bob Thomas’ brand new Ker 40, AFR Midnight Rambler in third.

Psaltis’ boat is showing very good early form, Ker designed boats have excellent Sydney to Hobart record, with Aera, a Kerr 55 and Tow Truck, a Ker 37 both having great results and this new Ker 40 will be worth watching in upcoming Blue Water Point Score races.

Syd Fischer’s TP52 Ragamuffin, which has won ORCi from AFR Midnight Rambler, and Geoff Hill’s TP52 Strewth, filled out the top five overall under IRC. Hill only recently brought his yacht from Asia where he has been getting good results.

The Bird Island Race started on Sydney Harbour at 7.00pm last night in a 15-18 knot southerly that blasted Sydney Harbour shortly before 4.00pm after a beautiful, hot almost windless day. The 24 boats exited the Harbour in 25 knots and headed north with the wind blowing hard from behind, pushing them quickly towards the Central Coast and the small island off Budgewoi.

Roger Hickman’s race was over quickly. He reported a broken backstay from his Farr 43 Wild Rose shortly after the start and returned to the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia within the hour.

Of the 24 original starters, Jeffery Taylor’s Nemesis was the only one yacht left at sea by 7.20am this morning. Once she has finished, the PHS results will be announced, the winner to receive the 36th George Barton Trophy

CYCA 2011-2012 Blue Water Pointscore  - Bird Island Race Hosted By CYCA Race 2 (23/09/2011) Updated: 24/09/2011 8:54:03 AM
Division 1 IRC results Start : 19:00:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
1AUS60000LOKIStephen Ainsworth01:01:38:5606:38:561.51110:02:471.0 
2421CELESTIALSam Haynes01:03:22:1508:22:151.26310:34:202.0 
38338AFR MIDNIGHT RAMBLEREd Psaltis01:03:53:2508:53:251.19610:37:583.0 
4AUS70RAGAMUFFINSyd Fischer01:02:56:2507:56:251.35010:43:104.0 
5GBR5211LSTREWTHGeoff Hill01:03:14:5208:14:521.34811:07:055.0 
61545VICTOIREDarryl Hodgkinson01:04:55:1009:55:101.13011:12:326.0 
711033KERISMAGrant Dawson Brent L01:04:59:2109:59:211.14811:28:037.0 
810007PRETTY FLY IIIColin Woods01:03:30:5508:30:551.35411:31:478.0 
96953WOT EVADavid Pescud01:03:34:2308:34:231.34811:33:239.0 
106837MINERVAEdward Cox01:05:04:4910:04:491.17311:49:2710.0 
11MH60ELENITony Levett01:05:42:3610:42:361.10711:51:2211.0 
12360PATRICE SIXTony Kirby01:05:36:4210:36:421.12111:53:4412.0 
1393MERLINDavid Forbes01:04:37:3509:37:351.24611:59:4013.0 
146841PAPILLONPhil Molony01:06:10:2311:10:231.09212:12:0414.0 
157771BALANCEPaul Clitheroe01:05:47:0510:47:051.13212:12:3015.0 
16NOR2SOUTHERN EXCELLENCEAndrew Wenham01:03:36:0408:36:041.46312:35:0016.0 
176689COPERNICUSGreg Zyner01:06:54:0711:54:071.07012:44:0617.0 
186232MORTGAGECHOICE RUMBABurke/Carr Cook01:07:20:5612:20:561.04712:55:45 Yes
19R2099ELEKTRAPeter Gregory01:06:52:5911:52:591.10913:10:4218.0 
DNC46EXILERob Reynolds  1.185  Yes
DNC5356ILLUSIONJonathan Stone  0.995 23.0 
DNC6073WIZZARDMick Hinchey  1.105 23.0 
DNC6834CHANCELLORTed Tooher  1.073 23.0 
DNC7407WAVE SWEEPERMorgan Rogers  1.058 23.0 
DNC8975LAST TANGOPhillip King  1.122 23.0 
DNC10081LAHANAMillard/ Honan  1.683 23.0 
DNC10101EQUINOX IIAnthony Dunn  1.219 23.0 
DNCR33CHUTZPAHBruce Taylor  1.204 23.0 
DNCSYD100INVESTEC LOYALAnthony Bell  1.911 23.0 
DNF4343WILD ROSERoger Hickman  1.037 20.0 

CYCA 2011-2012 Blue Water Pointscore Bird Island Race Hosted By CYCA Race 2 (23/09/2011) Updated: 24/09/2011 8:54:09 AM
Division 1 ORCi results Start : 19:00:00
PlaceSail NoBoat NameSkipperFin TimElapsdAHCCor'd TScoreVis
1AUS70RAGAMUFFINSyd Fischer01:02:56:2507:56:251.262010:01:141.0 
28338AFR MIDNIGHT RAMBLEREd Psaltis01:03:53:2508:53:251.129710:02:362.0 
311033KERISMAGrant Dawson Brent L01:04:59:2109:59:211.047210:27:383.0 
41545VICTOIREDarryl Hodgkinson01:04:55:1009:55:101.068910:36:104.0 
510007PRETTY FLY IIIColin Woods01:03:30:5508:30:551.272910:50:215.0 
610000BRINDABELLAJim Cooney01:02:48:2907:48:291.422311:06:196.0 
7360PATRICE SIXTony Kirby01:05:36:4210:36:421.057311:13:117.0 
87771BALANCEPaul Clitheroe01:05:47:0510:47:051.074211:35:068.0 
96689COPERNICUSGreg Zyner01:06:54:0711:54:070.989411:46:339.0 
10R2099ELEKTRAPeter Gregory01:06:52:5911:52:591.055812:32:4610.0 
DNC46EXILERob Reynolds  1.1543  Yes
DNC6073WIZZARDMick Hinchey  1.0357 15.0 
DNC6834CHANCELLORTed Tooher  1.0191 15.0 
DNC8975LAST TANGOPhillip King  1.0554 15.0 
DNC10081LAHANAMillard/ Honan  1.6175 15.0 
DNC10101EQUINOX IIAnthony Dunn  1.1388 15.0 
DNCM161LMR SOLARMichael Martin  1.0752 15.0 
DNCR33CHUTZPAHBruce Taylor  1.1589 15.0 
DNF4343WILD ROSERoger Hickman  1.0030 12.0