Lincoln Crowne sponsors fantastic event - 12ft Skiffs State Champs

Nicholas Assef
Lincoln Crowne & Company was pleased to see some great results and spectacular sailing across the two weekends of the LCC NSW 12FT Championships. The State Titles ran over six races and doubled as the selection series for the Interdominion Championships.

Starting at the historic Lane Cove 12ft Skiff Sailing Club, the event moved to Abbotsford 12ft Skiff Sailing Club. The following weekend, Woollahra Sailing Club hosted the final three races.

Garde - agility & speed.
Nicholas Assef

Going into the Championships, 2010 Interdominion Champions Nick Press and Brad Yabsley in Dimension Polyant were the favourites but were expected to be pushed hard by last year’s big improver Adam Forbes in D-Unit and by former NSW Champion Brett Hobson in Garde.

The event didn’t fail to excite skiff enthusiasts and amateur watchers alike, and Nicholas Assef (Executive Director, LCC) was so very proud to have sponsored the event in 2011 – a display of true sportsmanship, skill and agility in the ever-unpredictable weather conditions that Sydney gave the crews over the two weekends.

Garde - agility & speed. - Lincoln Crowne 12ft Skiff NSW State Championships
Nicholas Assef
1st Race: Lane Cove, Sat 26th November 2011
LCC sailed conservatively in the testing conditions to preserve first place, crossing the finish line with a lead of 1 1/2 minutes, and take the winning gun. Unfortunately, later that afternoon, the starting committee determined that LCC had crossed the start-line early by a few hundred mm and recorded them On the Course Side (OCS), and received no points for the race. Skoll took first place from Garde in the end. Dimension Polyant finished in third place.

2nd and 3rd Race At Abbotsford, Sunday 27th November 2011
In the second Race, a wind-shift up the final work saw LCC gain the lead, only to be run-down by Dimension Polyant heading home with their spinnaker, and capsizing. LCC had amassed enough of a gap over the third placed Garde to be able to hold them out to the finish to save second place for the race.

The third Race saw LCC sail the whole race in fifth position. Dimension Polyant taking first, D-Unit taking second and Gemmell Sails in third. There was a very light, shifty, breeze dying completely on several occasions.

The weekend finished with LCC recording an OCS, second and a fifth. With LCC removed from Race 1, Dimension Polyant’s places were first, second and fourth, and Garde’s were second third and seventh, these being the top 3 placing boats overall.

Dimension Polyant
Nicholas Assef

4th Race At Woollahra, Saturday Third December 2011 Dimension Polyant sailed a fantastic race with their big rig taking first place, 4 seconds later Garde, then Gemmell Sails, Skol then LCC. Geotherm won the handicap for their effort of sixth place and only being 1 minute behind the top finishers.

5th Race At Woollahra, Sunday 4th December 2011
With a fresh breeze from the South-East, rain and cold, the skiffs embarked on their last day of the Championships. Unfortunately, LCC’s mast broke, putting them out of the race.

Race 5 results: Garde by a margin, then Skol, then Gemmell Sails. DP broke their headsail tack-fitting, effecting repairs and finishing fifth.

6th Race At Woollahra, Sunday 4th December 2011 With the top finishing skiff’s neck and neck towards the end of the Race, LCC capsized during a rushed jibe to give way to Garde with a close approaching shoreline, allowing Garde to hold third place leading into the finish. Dimension Polyant first, Skoll second.

The final results saw Dimension Polyant with their third consecutive State Championship, Garde second and Skoll third. Geotherm picked up the handicap from Skoll, both for their consistent improvements through the first half of the season.


1st first Dimension Polyant Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club
Nick Press & Brad Yabsley
2nd Garde Woollahra Sailing Club Brett Hobson & Alex Johnson
3rd Skoll Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club Peter Polec & Jamie McCrudden
4th Gemmell Sails Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club Murray Press & Ben Gemmell.

Gemmell - taking the plunge. - Lincoln Crowne 12ft Skiff NSW State Championships
Nicholas Assef

Gemmell Sails
Nicholas Assef

Nicholas Assef