‘It can’t happen to me’ just isn’t true when it comes to lightning, so check that your boat has been rigged for lightning strikes.
Take precautions
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It’s true that they rarely happen, but when they do a lightning protection system will help to avoid that very expensive outcome, the complete replacement of the entire electrical system on the boat. By the way, such a system doesn’t stop the boat being struck by lightning; it merely attempts to allow the lightning to pass through the boat to the water without damaging boat or crew.
Ironically, installing a system has been said to increase the likelihood of the boat being struck by lightning, because the boat has been made into an easier path for the passage of lightning. However, the benefits of installing such a system far outweigh the negative aspects. This is a job, by the way, for a licenced auto-electrician to install, and to check, particularly if you acquire a new boat.