Lightning strikes

Once you are at sea and a thunderstorm is looming, there's no use worrying about protectionsame for the boat. In any case, there's too much disagreement about the issues to know who is right and who is wrong. Whatever you have, or have not done, once there is the threat of a lightning stike, there is a very clear course of action you can take to protect your crew and your instruments:

1. Disconnect all electronics, radios and remove the antennas if possible. Do not use satellite or mobile telephones
2. Double check that plugs are fastened in place beside all sea cocks. If the boat is struck, it is possible for the sea cocks to be blown out by the force of the charge. These should be checked immediately following a strike.
3. The entire crew should be below during a thunderstorm if possible, Certainly do no undertake any activity which connects you to the water, like fishing.
4. If you cannot be below, then stay low and as close to the middle of the boat as possible.
5. Keep away from all metal objects in the boat, especially the mast.