Lightning Youth World Championship - Final day

2014 Champions - BRA Team Rondina - 2014 International Lightning Class Association Youth World Championship
2014 International Lightning Class Youth World Championship - On the final day of racing 'typical' Buffalo Canoe Club weather prevailed. PRO Rob Ruhlman reported 'winds were steady from 240 - 230 and increased as the day went on from six –seven to fifteen - sixteen knots.' Three races were completed to determine the 2014 Lightning Youth World Champions - Congratulations to the Brazilian Team of Felipe Rondina, Jose Afonso Hackerott and Thomas Sylvestre for winning the final race to secure the top spot.

Going in to the day, the US Team of Jonathan Lutz, Alexandra Jones and Nicholas Sertl were ahead of the Brazilian Team by four points. By the final race today, the Brazilian Team held a one point advantage over Team Lutz because a discard race was now in play. At the first windward mark, Rondina was just ahead of Lutz. At the second weather mark, Lutz had passed Rondina but still needed to put a boat between them for the win. A good battle was fought and in the end the Team from Brazil took the bullet to clinch the title.

Runner-Up, USA Team Lutz - 2014 International Lightning Class Association Youth World Championship

Rebecca Huyard, Sam Adelhelm and Liem McCarthy from the USA had a four point lead over fellow Americans Sam Jones, Leeanne Jones and Kendra Jones for third place. Cristobal Molina Lorca, Jens Kuhlenthal Pfeffer and Pedro Andres Vera Carrera from Chile were just one point behind them going into the last race. The Chileans were able to secure fifth place to finish third overall with 24 points. Teams Huyard and Jones tied for fourth with 25 points - Huyard won the tie breaker because she had won Race five.

The Lightning Youth Worlds provides an opportunity for young sailors 19 and under to meet, compete and create long-lasting friendships and connections to this International Class. The boats are provided, housing is provided, and although the level of competition is top-notch, the fun is abundant.

2014 International Lightning Class Association Youth World Championship

Competitor Abbie Probst asked a few people 'What was your favorite part of the regatta?' Here's what they had to say: Canadian Julianne MacDonald: 'Going to Niagara Falls and bonding with all the different teams.' American Anna Heubschmann: 'Meeting people from all over the world.' Brazilian Thomas Sylvestre: 'Getting to know different people and experiencing different cultures with fun times.' American Becca Jordan: 'All the volunteers were wonderful, very helpful and encouraged all the sailors to do their best.' Andrew Dunbar, volunteer crash boat coordinator: 'The starts, even if they are all recalled. I will watch sailboat starts all day long.'

2014 International Lightning Class Association Youth World Championship

Regatta Chair Ian Jones and his entire team did an incredible job of putting on a top notch regatta.

The Lightning Youth Worlds are held every other year. The next Lightning Youth World Championship is scheduled to be held in 2016 in a South American Country TBD.

For more information, please visit the website.

2014 International Lightning Class Association Youth World Championship

 Lightning Youth World Championship  Final Results:  
PlaceTeamRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Total
1BRA 15333 Felipe Rondina / Jose Afonso Hackerott / Thomas Sylvestre11[8]1519
2USA 15166 Jonathan Lutz / Alexandra Jones / Nicholas Sertl32163[10]15
3CHI 11011 Cristobal Molina Lorca/Jens Kuhlenthal Pfeffer/Pedro Andres Vera Carrera23[15]410524
4USA 15467 Rebecca Huyard / Sam Adelhelm / Liem McCarthy6[13]2511125
5USA 15276 Sam Jones / Leeanne Jones / Kendra Jones5[12]922725
6USA 14543 Julian Fraize / Nate Ross / Anna Heubschmann[12]7488330
7USA 15251 Tanner Probst / Maya Webber / Robert Sawyer11533[15]1335
8CAN 15499 Frederique Tougas / Cameron Sawyer / Benjamin Strickland1745[18]7942
9CAN 14567 Nathan Lafrance Berger / Antoine Pacarar  / Julien Brunet10[15]7136642
10CAN 4870 Robbie Robinson / Paige Robinson / Dan Robinson76612[17]1243
11USA 15208 Abbie Probst / Max Cahn / Katie Braungat169[17]911247
12FIN 14534 Matti Aalto / Pyry Aalto / Lauri Virtanen91110[14]41448
13USA 14875 Benjamin Folds / Joseph Tomczak / Mikayla Ward[19]17111112455
14FIN 15415 Laura Pesola / Laura Bjork / Meeri Aro138127[18]1757
15USA 15464 Chris Schon / Haley Kardek / Aaron Husak15[19]13169861
16CAN 14895 Julianne MacDonald / Abby Bennett / Kevin Wiersma410[22]17212274
17FIN 15281 Rosemarie Hartman / Pirita Aromaa / Paulus Saari81619[20]161574
18USA 14502 John Tomczak / Jenna Probst /  Grace Tomczak18[23]1610141876
19USA 15319 Ben Yannelli / Vince Yannelli / Tom Talbot[21]181419131983
20USA 14672 Leah Trow / Rebecca Jordan / Joe Egloff[22]201815201689
21USA 14321 Knox Wolaver III / Elizabeth Wolaver / Abi Light1414212222[DNF]93
22USA 15417 Kayleigh Godfrey / Erin Godfrey / Clifford Russel202120[23]1920100
23FIN 15369 Elsa Hemming / Rosabella Hartman / Eeva Hemming24242324[DNS]7102
24CAN 15495 Maggie MacDonald / Meredith Ryan / Caroline Dunbar2322[24]212321110