Lightning Youth World Championship - Day 2

15467 - Team Huyard Race 3, followed by 15166 Team Lutz.
Two more races were completed in the 2014 Lightning Youth World Championship today. The top three teams from yesterday showed consistency through the first race today. Team Rondina from Brazil kept up their winning streak with another bullet. Team Lutz from the USA and Team Lorca from Chile finished two, three to tie for second place.

In the second race Team Huyard from USA lead around the first two marks but was passed by Team Lutz to take the race three win. Team T. Probst from the USA finished in third. Team Chile was called OSC and went back to restart and made it back to 15th.

After three races Americans Jonathan Lutz, Alexandra Jones and Nicholas Sertl show that consistency pays and are in first place with six points. Felipe Rondina, Jose Afonso Hackerott and Thomas Sylvestre from Brazil are in second with 10 points. Tanner Probst, Maya Webber and Robert Sawyer from the USA are tied for third with the Canadian Family team of Robbie Robinson, Paige Robinson and Dan Robinson with 19 points. One point behind them in fifth place is Rebecca Huyard, Sean Adelhelm and Liam McCarthy from the USA with 20 points.

After racing sailors enjoyed a pizza party at the MacDonald's home and then are taking a bus trip to see Niagara Falls. Strong winds coupled with rain are forecasted for tomorrow. Racing is scheduled to begin with a 1000 warning gun.

The Lightning Youth Worlds provides an opportunity for young sailors 19 and under to meet, compete and create long-lasting friendships and connections to this International Class. The boats are provided, housing is provided, and although the level of competition is top-notch, the fun is abundant.

 Preliminary Results After Race Three
1USA 15166 Lutz / Jones / Sertl3216
2BRA 15333 Rondina / Hackerott / Sylvestre11810
3USA 15251 Probst / Webber / Sawyer115319
4CAN 4870 Robinson / Robinson / Robinson76619
5CHI 11011 Lorca / Pfeffer / Carrera231520
6USA 15467 Huyard / Adelhelm / McCarthy613221
7USA 14543 Fraize / Ross / Heubschmann127423
8CAN 15499 Tougas / Sawyer / Strickland174526
9USA 15276 Jones / Jones / Jones512926
10FIN 14534 Aalto / Aalto / Virtanen9111030
11CAN 14567 Berger / Pacarar  / TBD1015732
12FIN 15415 Pesola / Bjork / Aro1381233
13CAN 14895 MacDonald / Bennett / Wiersma4102236
14USA 15208 Probst / Cahn / Braungat1691742
15FIN 15281 Hartman / Aromaa / Saari8161943
16USA 14875 Folds / Tomczak / Ward19171147
17USA 15464 Schon / Kardek / Husak15191347
18USA 14321 Wolaver / Wolaver / Light14142149
19USA 15319 Yannelli / Yannelli / Talbot21181453
20USA 14502 Tomczak / Probst / Tomczak18231657
21USA 14672 Trow / Jordan / Egloff22201860
22USA 15417 Godfrey / Godfrey / Russel20212061
23CAN 15495 MacDonald / Ryan / Dunbar23222469
24FIN 15369 Hemming / Hartman / Hemming24242371

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