Leaping Dolphin Lands in Boat

No 18ft boats around here
.. .
A young dolphin in the USA's Intracoastal Waterway is today recovering from the shock of an unscheduled landing into a humans's boat when practising its leaps yesterday.

A woman in the boat suffered cuts and bruises too. The local Coast Guard reported that witnesses to the incident called 911 after watching the leap which ended up with the dolphin in the laps of the rather surprised Howard family from Ohio.

The dolphin's leap landed it on the bow of the 18ft boat, in which Barbara Howard was sitting with her husband, their daughter and the daughter's boyfriend. It then slid, understandably upset by this extraordinary turn of events, into the laps of the family, and its desperately thrashing tail knocked them to the deck. The daughter's boyfriend no doubt gained points with the Howard family by rolling the dolphin back into the water.

Mr and Mrs Howard were treated at a hospital for cuts and bruises and released, but there are no reports on how the dolphin is recovering.