Launch of Womens Match Racers in Sydney

Launch of Elliot 6 for womens match race squad
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The Elliott 6 launched for Womens' Match Race squad.

This is one of those great programs that hands on sailmakers love to be involved in. As part of the Australian Womens Match Racing Program, run by Coach Dayne Sharp, Ullman Sails are involved in supplying the team's sails for this hot little sports boat.

As its a new class, which will spread far and wide with the impetus of being the Olympic match racer, the opportunity to develop the sails for the Elliott 6, and work with some really switched on female sailors, is an opportunity that will benefit all involved.

Dayne Sharp works very hard with the girls to make sure that they can flourish in different situations that require elite tuning and trimming skills.

'Successful match racers have to be able to turn up to an event, assess the conditions, the rig, the boat and then get the most out of it' says Dayne, reflecting upon the core of the program that has seen the Squad members accelerate their climb up the World Match Race rankings.'

Ullman Sails' Bruce Hollis looks at this as a perfect development situation. ' We love Sports boats, so to be involved with sailors of this calibre who's aim is to understand these boats better than anyone else will provide the perfect test bed.

'The interaction we have with the Squad to develop these sails will give us pivotal feedback, and the girls will gain experience working in a development program with top flight one design sail designers, rather than just getting whats given them. 'my experience is that when the sailors are involved in sail development, they gain confidence in their approach to tuning - as we make changes the team will be keyed in to how what we did to the sail to meet their needs. ' Hollis adds.

The boats appear to be a lot of fun - responsive, easy to launch and retrieve, the open cockpit style and legs in hiking are proven to be the best options for this style of sports boat, and it appears to be a sweet little sporty.