Laser Radial Men’s World Championship 2012 - Off and Running on Day 2

Mahia Pepper rounding top mark Day 2 Race 2 - Laser Radial Mens World Championship 2012
The 2012 Laser Radial Men’s World Championship 2012 is being hosted by the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, with fifty-two competitors from nine countries sailing on Moreton Bay.

Day one was breeze free and it looked as if the second day might go the same way.

However Principal Race Officer Kevin Wilson held the fleet ashore for an hour or so and the day gradually built. The fleet began racing in a seven knot breeze and the rain came in hard in a series of squalls as the day progressed. Three races were sailed and the boats went wide attempting to catch any breeze they could.

Daniel Smith Day2 Race2 out in front - Laser Radial Mens World Championship 2012

Overall winner today, Daniel Smith (AUS), said modestly, ‘I had a couple of good races – I felt relaxed and comfortable. It just seemed to work. The wind was a bit tricky and the rain made it trickier because you couldn’t see much. ‘Daniel ranked 10th overall in the Youth Worlds.

Tristan Brown rounding top mark Day2 Race2 - Laser Radial Mens World Championship 2012

Tristan Brown (AUS) came second overall, with a win the a fourth and a sixth. ‘It was quite tricky… the wind was swinging a lot with the clouds and the rain. It was hard to work out where to go. I came back in two of the races OK because I was a fair way behind. But Daniel sailed really well so he’s the person to beat I guess,’ he said.

Kiwi sailor Mahia Pepper was third overall, with a 4, 2, 8 score line. He said, ‘The wind was really nice – it was sort of consistent in pressure if not in direction. I had a bad start but recovered well. ‘Mahia is fresh from the World Laser Youths where he ranked thirteenth overall, and he is well placed here.
Mahia Pepper - Laser Radial Mens World Championship 2012

Ben Walkemever was ranking fifth, with a 12, 3, and 5. He said he would have rather sailed in breezier conditions. ‘The wind was just enough but not really enough for an 83 kilo sailor.’

Ben ranked seventh overall in the recent Laser Radial Youth World Championship also sailed out of Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron.

Ben Walkemeyer - Laser Radial Mens World Championship 2012

Tristan Brown - Laser Radial Mens World Championship 2012

Daniel Smith - Laser Radial Mens World Championship 2012

  World Laser Radial Men's Championship Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Nation Leaderboard   Laser Radial Men's Results as of 14:21 on July 14, 2012 Overall Sailed: 4, Discards: 1, To count: 3, Entries: 51, Scoring system: Appendix A
1st199104Smith DanielAUSDS332.01.01.0(8.0)12.04.0
2nd185806Pepper MahiaNZLMP94.02.0(8.0)
3rd202854Brown TristanAUSTB131.04.06.0(20.0)31.011.0
4th197284OConnell JeremyAUSJO5(8.0)
5th202810Walkemeyer BenAUSBW1412.03.05.0(21.0)41.020.0
6th192612Lane GeorgeNZLGL216.08.0(27.0)
7th199215Roberts JamesNZLJR6(27.0)
8th199111Perez Garcia-duran AlejandroESPAA206.017.010.0(27.0)60.033.0
9th153160Wearn MatthewAUSMW343.015.017.0(22.0)57.035.0
10th192624Kennedy MitchellAUSMK25.0(30.0)
11th199225Kempkers MatthewNZLMK10(29.0)
12th198363Puopolo AndrewUSAAP587.020.012.0(33.0)72.039.0
13th162626Kennedy MarkAUSMK714.0(23.0)
14th196479Hiwa ShotaJPNSH721.014.0(23.0)
15th183535de Trazegnies Jean PaulPERJD19.024.07.0(36.0)76.040.0
16th170509Langford RohanAUSRL1713.021.0(30.0)
17th191645Howe NicholasAUSNH7(22.0)
18th201506Vincent ThomasAUSTV325.05.0(31.0)
19th189794Davids KeithUSAKD5318.032.02.0(52.0 OCS)104.052.0
20th114658Yamamoto KazuyukiJPNKY1117.027.0(40.0)
21st203223Franklin BenjaminAUSBF311.0(28.0)
22nd187268Dietrich TomasARGTD115.013.029.0(42.0)99.057.0
23rd197287Bates WilliamAUSWB17(41.0)
24th193921Tan Wei Ann NicodemusSINNT224.019.0(32.0)
25th202599Lilley JakeAUSJL1235.016.09.0(40.0)100.060.0
26th195326Vidal AgustanARGAV319.09.0(33.0)
27th202882Utting BradleyAUSBU210.025.026.0(31.0)92.061.0
28th198115Dunning Beck Logan JohnNZLLD630.0(33.0)
29th199099Atherton-Feeney SeanAUSSF432.010.025.0(52.0 DNF)119.067.0
30th195542Le Roy CullenNZLCL4(46.0)
31st193919Wong MarkSINMW120.0(31.0)21.029.0101.070.0
32nd198122Hookings LukeAUSLH2523.038.011.0(39.0)111.072.0
33rd199095Howard RichardAUSRH126.034.0(35.0)19.0114.079.0
34th202619Onodera ShoichiroJPNSO434.0(43.0)37.010.0124.081.0
35th201538Johnson HaydenAUSHJ331.036.0(39.0)17.0123.084.0
36th201521Plenderleith StuartAUSSP22(45.0)
37th193070Pullen ZacAUSZP228.026.034.0(41.0)129.088.0
38th196421Bennett LiamAUSLB1133.042.0(47.0)16.0138.091.0
39th199093Loosemore JeffAUSJL17(38.0)
40th199070Masaaki TaniguchiJPNTM13(42.0)
41st199109Connor NicholasAUSNC1248.029.022.0(52.0 OCS)151.099.0
42nd193132Charlie MarksonPNGMC136.041.0(52.0 ARB)35.0164.0112.0
43rd198125Brooks-duncan JoshuaAUSJB61(49.0)
44th198089Halsey LukeAUSLH?40.0(48.0)38.045.0171.0123.0
45th184709Russell StephenAUSSR2237.0(47.0)41.046.0171.0124.0
46th203211Mills MichaelAUSMM2747.0(50.0)48.030.0175.0125.0
47th180187Blight DanAUSDB32(50.0)
48th202666Pursch KingsleyAUSKP1039.046.0(49.0)44.0178.0129.0
49th193143Numa RaymondPNGRN144.044.0(46.0)43.0177.0131.0
50th202852Meech ChristopherAUSCM2643.049.042.0(52.0 OCS)186.0134.0
51st152875Lott NigelAUSNL6(52.0 DNC)52.0 DNC52.0 DNC52.0 DNC208.0156.0 Scoring Software

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