Laser 4.7 and Standard Youth Worlds Championships day 4

DAY 4 RACE 1 - Laser 4.7 and Standard Youth Worlds
Claudio Cambria
Laser 4.7 and Standard Youth World Championship day 4 in Argentina.

Today the competitors sailed races 7 and 8 of this championship on a sunny day with wind of of 10-15 knots, with some gusts to 16 knots.

In the Girls fleet the first race of the day was won by Yolanda Luque Gonzalez from Spain. She was ahead of the fleet for the whole race. Gonzalez was followed by another Spanish sailor, Martina Reino Cacho, then Brazilian sailor Maria Carolina Knudsen Boabaid.

In race 8 another Spanish sailor María Cabrera Perez took the first place, followed by Martina Reino Cacho (Spain) and Anja Hamerlitz (Croatia).

Girls fleet overall
Boys fleet overall

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