Kroeger from Britannia Yacht Club takes York Cup

Match race teams being closely followed by umpires at York Cup held at RCYC
David Jarvis
The York Cup, held annually since 1989, in the past won by names such as Gavin Brady, Ross McDonald, Terry McLaughlin and Andy Horton was up for grabs this this past weekend at Toronto’s Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

After a single round robin was held over Saturday and Sunday, a 4 way tie for first between Nick Kroeger (Britannia YC), Magnus Sandberg (National YC), Oskar Johansson (Royal Canadian YC) and David Niemann (Wisconsin) was finally broken in favour of Kroeger and Niemann who moved on to sail the finals, while Johansson and Sandberg sailed the petit-finals.

In the finals, Kroeger quickly went up 2-0, and appeared to be on his way to shutting out Niemann. Niemann however fought back to take the third match, and looked to have had the advantage coming off the start line in the fourth match, but Kroeger was able to survive and eventually push Niemann beyond the port tack layline on the first beat to lead at the first weather mark. Niemann, kept pushing and closed in on Kroeger in the last half of the final run. Approaching the finish, Niemann opted for the pin and slightly more wind, while Kroeger separated and headed for the favoured committee boat. With only a 2’ margin, Kroeger had become the newest York Cup winner.

Sandberg managed to beat Johansson in the petit finals, and as the top finishing LYRA based helmsperson, won the Stolze Cup and entry to the Richardson Cup to be held at Buffalo YC in September.

Thanks go out to the PRO Mike Milner and his team for running and excellent series, and to Andrew Alberti who oversaw an outstanding umpire crew.

teams going head to head in Toronto Harbour - York Cup Match Race held at Royal Canadian Yacht Club
David Jarvis

Kreoger's winning team form on the water - York Cup Match Race held at Royal Canadian Yacht Club
David Jarvis

Nick Kroeger's winning team from Britannia Yacht Club in Ottawa, Ontario - York Cup Match Race held at Royal Canadian Yacht Club
David Jarvis