Katie,18, Sets Off to Sail Round UK

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English Teenager Katie Miller is in the fourth day of a circumnavigation of the United Kingdom. There is no record to break, and no time limit - she is just another of the world’s sailing adventurers, setting out to do what she loves to do.

She is sailing a 21ft Newbridge Corribee, which is the same boat which Ellen Macarthur used for her circumnavigation at a similar age, and in the process, Katie is raising money for Ellen’s Trust, goal £10,000. She set out four days ago from the Universal Marina on the River Hamble. She carries a Fastfind Plus Personal Locator Beacon, donated by Mc Murdo, so that in the event of an incident, she will be able to activate the Fastfind PLB alerting the Coastguard that she requires assistance.

The trip has been split into five stages, each with 7-14 ports of call. They are as follows:
Universal Marina to Bridlington - 490miles
Bridlington to Aberdeen - 285 miles
Aberdeen to Douglas, IOM - 440 miles. Based on Katie cutting through the Caledonian Canal
Douglas to Falmouth - 595 miles
Falmouth to Universal Marina- 215 miles.

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Last night 18 year old Katie was successfully tucked away in Sovereign Harbour Marina, Eastbourne, having negotiated her first lock, and tomorrow will set out for Folkestone or Dover, dependent on the weather – look out for her...

…or maybe just follow her journey on her WEBSITE

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