K-Challenge enters America's Cup fray

K-Challenge passes Alinghi in Act 8 - Trapani - 32nd America’’s Cup
After several weeks of waiting, K-Challenge welcomed the decision of the New York State Supreme Court and Judge Cahn with satisfaction, since everything will be ruled on the water regarding the case which opposed Alinghi, the Defender, and BMW Oracle Racing, the confirmed Challenger of Record.

Thus, the 33rd edition of the America's Cup will be a duel between these two teams in multihulls, and will take place in 2008 or 2009.

The next competition with selections between challengers (the 34th edition) will probably take place in 2011, in Valencia, as announced by Alinghi and BMW Oracle Racing.

The New York State Supreme Court decision makes it possible for K-Challenge to come up for the second time as a French challenger for the 34th America's Cup.

Stephan Kandler brought the various key people who will constitute K-Challenge's 'core team' together in the sailing, technical and design fields and to come up for the second time as a French challenger for the 34th America's Cup and to represent France in a competitive way.

Stephan Kandler, K-Challenge's CEO: 'We are ready and happy to learn the decision from the New York Supreme Court. This proves that we made the good assumption since October 2007, while working in the shade with the objective to be able to take part in a competition in 2011. That will simply allow the team which we put together to continue on its way and to reach a higher speed. Besides, K-Challenge supports the initiative of a circuit with V5 ACC boats in 2008 with the other challengers, in order to start the sports activity as soon as possible.'

With experience gained in the 32nd America's Cup, the existing structure and the assets of this French team, K-Challenge was initially concentrated on a priority task to build a competitive challenge for the future and gather the right people around its project for the 34th America's Cup.

The team has been working for several months, and the next stage will allow on March 27 to introduce the details of its programme and its key members who will be the heart of the French challenger and will unveil its first sponsor.