Just for sailors-Medical Management for Mariners on again, 15 February

First Aid courses typically deal with the time before the paramedic arrives
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It's on again! Don't wait for the last moment to commit, or you may miss out!

The spectacularly successful Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) Medical Management for Mariners (MMM) course commences again on Tuesday 15th February in Sydney.

Would YOU know what to do when faced with a medical emergency at sea - not just for half an hour, but for several days?

This is a comprehensive course of vital importance for those who sail longer voyages, as agreed by the enthusiastic response from past participants.

The course consists of seven nights of three-hours each at St. Vincent's Hospital in the Don Harrison Simulation centre, followed by a three-hour practical session taught by Helicopter Rescue Paramedics aboard a yacht at the CYCA.

During the course, participants are shown how to treat and stabilise a patient and prepare and package the injured person for rescue by helicopter or any other means of rescue that becomes available.

The CYCA Board approved the CYCA MMM course as an equivalent qualification that can be used to satisfy the eligibility of crew requirements for CYCA Category 1 and 2 races.

The next CYCA MMM course commences on Tuesday 6 July and the cost is $600 for CYCA members and $650 for non-members.

For further information contact reception at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia on 02 8292 7800 or reception@cyca.com.au

Why is this course so vital? Here's why...

All sensible sailors take a First Aid course as preparation for undertaking even a short journey by sea.

However, good as they are, these courses typically deal with how to react to a medical emergency in the first half hour or so before the paramedic arrives.

This is not sufficient for all but the shortest of voyages, and the CYC is seeking to fill this knowledge gap with 'Medical Management for Mariners'.


Medical and casualty management in marine environment, Seasickness; Haemorrhage and wound management; Anaphylaxis; Chest trauma; Shock; Diabetes; Diving accidents; Exposure; Head injury; Marine envenomation; fracture management; pharmacology, plus more.

Trauma management; Injections, laceration management; artificial airway; Blood sugar level monitoring; Splinting; Catheterization; evacuation, plus more

Don Harrison Simulation Centre, St Vincent’s Hospital, Victoria Street, Darlinghurst and Cruising Yacht Club of Australia.

- Open to adults who hold current Senior First Aid Certificate.
- To ensure maximum hands on experience participant numbers are limited for each course and will be allocated on a first in basis.
- Complete an application form (available via CYCA reception), and forward with payment to: Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, New Beach Rd, Darling Point NSW 2027

Further information:
Register your attendance by completing the enrolment form and forward with payment to CYCA Reception, C/- Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, 1 New Beach Road, Darling Point NSW 2027

For more information click http://www.cyca.com.au/editorial.asp?key=4423!here, or contact CYCA Reception on 02 8292 7800 or reception@cyca.com.au