Julio Alsogaray (ARG) opens lead at Laser Worlds

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Julio Alsogaray of Argentina opened a seven point lead over world champion Tom Slingsby of Australia after the first Gold fleet races at the Laser World Championships. Alsogaray regained the championship lead after finishing fourth in both races, he has yet to finish in double figures, while Slingsby had his worst results so far - a 14th and an 18th to move down into second place.

For Britain's Paul Goodison it was another good news, bad news day. A third place in the first race lifted him up the rankings but a 20th in the final race dropped him back to 15th overall.

For Nick Thompson it was also a dificult day and he was unable to build on his earlier scores. A 53rd and a 29th, his worst finishes of the series, puts him in 12th overall when really any decent results would have moved him into a top six place, as the scoring is very close.

The three other GBR sailors who made the Gold fleet could make no impression, Robert Godwin finished in 44th with a 47 and 48. Evan Scott 47th after a 51 and DNC, and Oliver Tweddell is 50th after a 39 and a 47.

In the Silver fleet, Evangelos Chimonas Of Greece leads from Tonci Stipanovic of Croatia, with Britain's Eifion Mon in third place scoring a third and a second.

A beautiful summer day in Terrigal on the first day of racing for the fleets now split in to gold, silver and bronze, sunny skies and a pleasant 10-15 knot north easterly breeze - ideal sailing conditions - for some.

In the 54 boat Gold fleet, World champion Tom Slingsby (AUS) lost his Championship lead to Julio Alsogaray from Argentina. Alsogaray continues to sail smartly and has moved back into the lead he had until yesterday. 'It was shifty and I went the wrong way every time; I had a really bad day,' an understandably unhappy Slingsby said after his worst results so far - a 14th and an 18th to move down into second place, seven points behind Alsogaray who is on 23 points following fourth places in Race 7 and 8.

'It was good racing. I had a good performance with fast speed. There were lots of shifts and I picked them,' the Argentinean said, revealing: 'Music from Argentina inspires me.' Not one of the hot favourites going in to the Championship, Alsogaray says: 'I expected to do well. I am very confident with my speed. I will do everything in my power I can to win the World's - that is why I came to Australia.'

Spanish entry Javier Hernandez is third overall, 19 points behind Alsogaray. Felix Privot (FRA) moves up into fourth place (44 points) and Michael Bullot (NZL) is fifth (49 points).

Like Slingsby, Championship favourites Paul Goodison and Andrew Murdoch (NZL) did not have a good day across the board and both slid down the results; Murdoch from eight to 12th after 28th and 15th finishes and Goodison to 15th.

Mark rounding action in the Qualifying Round of the 2008 Laser Worlds
Monica Palloni
Others were happy with their lot in life. Brazilian Bruno Fontes, in eighth place overall said: 'I had a good day - my first Final day was a really good day. I am happy,' he said. 'Sailing was nice. I went OK. I have been sick, but I am better today - it is nice to have the sun back,' said Arvid Claeson (SWE) who is currently 39th overall.

Overall in 20th place, Jean-Baptiste Bernaz was smiling. 'I finished second in Race 8, which is much better than my 27th in the earlier race,' he said. Athens Laser bronze medallist Vasilij Zbogar (SLO) is in seventh place overall. 'I did not do very good (he finished 13th and 16th), it was very patchy - the shifts went left and right - it was very hard to predict. Not easy.'

The ever-positive American Brad Funk had a better day and moved up from 27th to 19th overall. 'I had a really great day; I got the nerves out of my system and just went sailing. It was beautiful conditions. I saw a 6ft shark out there. He told me his name was Willy!'

Greek sailor Adonis Bougiouris in 28th overall: 'I had one bad race, finished 36th, then I had one good race, finished 10th! It was very very shifty, you couldn't predict what would happen next.'

Too many sailors came ashore early; most were Black Flagged following General Recalls. In fact four from the Silver fleet and a staggering 11 from the Bronze fleet were sent home from the last race of the day.

Irish sailor Anthony Craig, one of many trying to qualify his nation for the Beijing Games, was one of the first to go in the Silver fleet. 'I had a disaster in the first race and then I got done. It was great breeze out there though. It was around 10 knots in the earlier race and increased to around 15 knots from north-east,' Craig said.

Australian Simon Morgan came ashore with the same tale. 'I didn't do very well in the first race and then I got Black Flagged,' he said. Canadian Christopher Dold also went. 'I finished around 15th in the first race, but I was Black Flagged in the second. Apart from that, I'm enjoying the Championship,' he said.

World Laser Championship 2008 Results
Gold Fleet
1ARG 193001Alsogaray Julio23.0115(8)7144
2AUS 193007Slingsby Tom30.035114214(18)
3ESP 193040Hernandez Javier42.061(19)722519
4FRA 193048Pruvot Felix45.048510288(42)
5NZL 193120Bullot Michael49.0117109561(dsq)
6SLO 193133Zbogar Vasilij51.042655(19)1316
7BRA 193011Fontes Bruno56.01113(13)1013117
8POR 193123Lima Gustavo59.0151999115(32)
9NZL 193119Weaver David60.07(26)14142023
10GER 193068Schlonski Alexander69.074412625(41)11
11NZL 193117Murdoch Andrew70.020(33)32112815
12GBR 193062Thompson Nick70.0101017113(53)28
13CHI 193025Del Solar Matias74.0231213419(22)21
14GBR 193064Goodison Paul74.0833433(dsq)320
15POL 193122Porozynski Karol77.0714181113410(46)
16FRA 193050Steyaert Jeremie80.0212346(25)2321
17CRO 193033Vujasinovic Milan81.02(48)1329102322
18USA 193131Funk Brad82.05233(bfd)raf78
19FRA 193049Bernaz Jean-baptiste87.0(27)31114237272
20USA 193153Campbell Andrew89.0111417(23)227612
21SWE 193140Suneson Karl91.01018895932(37)
22CRO 193032Arapov Mate93.015681281529(40)
23EST 193043Karpak Deniss94.019(48)211632186
24NED 193111de Haas Marc97.01321(29)51231726
25SWE 193141Mygren Rasmus99.032092634(37)25
26GRE 193074Bougiouris Adonis101.02(45)7173263610
27KOR 193102Ha Jeemin101.02427210138(52)17
28GER 193072Grotel?schen Simon101.062610832424(41)
29URU 193152Foglia Alejandro102.020101331112(51)33
30CRO 193031Radelic Luka102.05(ocs)1867223014
31CAN 193016Torchinsky Abe105.035121211(45)2636
32FRA 193046Pruvot Corentin105.06221511(23)221613
33CAN 193024Leigh Michael107.01423131519419(31)
34FRA 193053Le Breton Thomas112.0413724187(46)3
35CAN 193017Luttmer Bernard113.01725151614521(43)
36NED 193114Schaardenburg Rutger117.012(ocs)179raf259
37SWE 193138Claeson Arvid119.0(38)1114251516335
38AUS 193003Burman James121.0292614623149(raf)
39CYP 193035Kontides Pavlos124.0541621192831(39)
40GER 193073Schadewaldt Tobias124.017(dnf)7141554224
41SWE 193139Wigforss Johan128.01244198610(49)29
42GER 193069Kamrath Malte130.025(46)101916181230
43BRA 193023Wender Philip135.0163257123735(50)
44GBR 193065Godwin Robert140.022752172013(dsq)48
45NOR 193116Tuv Stian148.02783013223(45)45
46CRO 193030Mihelic Daniel149.022(41)15112453438
47GBR 193058Scott Evan149.082882621850(dnc)
48TUR 193146Muslubas Kemal150.019131118272240(44)
49CAN 193019Wright David152.023351752413(38)35
50GBR 193063Tweddell Oliver152.01119252128939(47)
51ITA 193086Romero Diego158.0(bfd)ocs64764734
52ITA 193088Bottoli Giacomo158.09352314122144(raf)
53NOR 193115Ruth Kristian160.0(bfd)526154404327
54SEY 193129Julie Allan174.019(raf)16238114849
Silver Fleet
1GRE 193075Chimonas Evangelos111.04(46)26203015124
2CRO 193034Stipanovic Tonci114.024(31)7221126231
3GBR 193057Mon Eifion118.029(31)2416281632
4CHN 193026Cai Qiushui123.099183228(40)918
5NED 193110Vianen Eduardo131.03315212420144(44)
6DEN 193037Kjaergaard Kristian133.09(36)63530172016
7FRA 193051Borde Mickael134.024123031(bfd)14185
8JPN 193098Iijima Yoichi135.0(bfd)211223824299
9NED 193113Bouwmeester Roelof137.01627242810311(dnf)
10DEN 193038Schierup Thorbjoern139.0(bfd)3722301020812
11SIN 193130Koh Seng Leong143.0227(48)40243578
12JPN 193094Nagai Hisaki147.02893620(bfd)61434
13RUS 193127Lisovenko Igor148.03042037(46)30216
14ITA 193091Gallo Marco150.0162041(46)332767
15CAN 193022Kalin Michael151.0893739192910(41)
16FRA 193047Taine Emmanuel155.02020321917(41)1928
17JPN 193099Okinishi Yoshihiro156.023623(41)33183320
18VEN 193159Ruiz Jose156.0181321(43)20273621
19HUN 193078Berecz Zsombor156.025(41)143217282614
20SUI 193137Bulley Max157.014402225(bfd)33023
21ITA 193092Regolo Michele157.01530(34)262133527
22CZE 193036Trcka Martin157.01018(dnf)183117dnc10
23CHN 193027Shen Sheng159.0(45)32381814111531
24GER 193071Thyen Oltmann160.0311653518(42)2233
25MAS 193106Lim Kevin160.029(41)261514253219
26SUI 193135Bottoni Christoph164.030(dnf)2828279393
27NZL 193118Lindsay Blair164.03614(39)2117301630
28CHN 193028Li Xiaojing167.0236313137372(38)
29FIN 193045Collura Pierre Angelo167.011(39)283735171326
30NED 193109Broekens Douwe169.0372421322911(38)15
31AUS 193002Brunning Ashley171.02735(dnf)1082711dne
32POL 193121Stelmaszyk Jonasz171.0(48)22271637153717
33DOM 193039Aguayo Raul173.0(39)8332626182735
34ITA 193090Nassini Luca173.01824(42)4122292811
35CAN 193021Ramsay Luke174.0321712(42)41122436
36CAN 193018Dold Christopher180.021162234363417(bfd)
37FRA 193052Cabaz Rodrigue181.03319282430(41)3413
38AUT 193008Geritzer Andreas182.0133216191336(dnc)dnf
39GBR 193060Gray James184.03942917182435(dsq)
40GBR 193054Belben Dan191.040233420211241(bfd)
41EST 193042Vooremaa Argo192.032303730292(46)32
42GBR 193056M?n Dyfrig194.021382425(39)313124
43HUN 193077Fazakas Gyorgy200.0(49)34192332214922
44NED 193112Moerman Matthieu200.0342832272628(47)25
45GUA 193076Maegli Juan202.01743(45)4327102537
46ESP 193041Rogel Jesus203.0142732(45)15334042
47RUS 193128Semerkhanov Maxim205.0363329281620(50)43
48AUS 193006Morgan Simon213.035122033343643(bfd)
49IRL 193082Craig Roger Anthony214.043132029382348(bfd)
50LUX 193105Schmit Marc216.012(dnf)343431324429
51LTU 193104Milevicius Rokas217.0361533292935(42)40
52IRL 193083Seaton Ryan220.0132935333239(45)39
Bronze Fleet
1USA 193157Moore Trevor159.03412253544(ocs)18
2ISV 193084Barrows Thomas171.038173129(40)301412
3CAN 193015Boueilh Anthony172.026213330(42)40220
4BAR 193009Douglas William179.03519394031(43)69
5RUS 193126Komissarov Sergey183.0(42)2136363425301
6USA 193158Marks Zachary183.037(38)353422161029
7UKR 193151Kudryashov Valeriy191.0(46)1540384132223
8KOR 193100Hwang Daewon192.032343539(dnf)34810
9UKR 193150Isakov Oleksandr196.0261145(48)4439526
10KOR 193103Kim Junggon198.0(bfd)4523313436272
11CAN 193020Parkhill Lee199.025364641(dnf)211911
12ITA 193087Strazzera Enrico200.0262244(46)36391815
13FIN 193044Dannstrom Oscar203.01842373838(47)1614
14ITA 193089Menza Gianpiero205.04836412225267(bfd)
15AUS 193004Murray Jye207.02829404442(ocs)204
16GBR 193067Godwin Stuart211.045(47)39463920157
17IND 193080Choudhary Rajesh213.03428(43)3641292619
18IRL 193081Espey James214.03310444733389(bfd)
19GBR 193061Holloway Max216.044(ocs)3024351912bfd
20GBR 193059Cooper George218.0(raf)3242424037322
21COL 193029Quintero Andrey220.04043404444(dnf)45
22POR 193124Costa Jose222.0(49)30273735423813
23KOR 193101An Gwangseok224.0373138(39)37313317
24UKR 193149Didenko Maksym228.0302543(45)43412323
25GBR 193066Evans Sean231.02834293326(dnf)29bfd
26JPN 193095Hall Ian238.0(51)44434225422418
27SUI 193136Steiger Christian240.03939(dnf)27bfd442116
28TRI 193143Lewis Andrew241.035184750(53)471727
29TUR 193147Derebasi Onur243.03149(dnf)363943396
30GBR 193055Breen-turner Dominic248.046(ocs)3638323311bfd
31USA 193155Vranizan Frederick250.041(ocs)274045383524
32SRB 193134Stanisic Dany254.044404527404513(bfd)
33JPN 193097Yasuda Shinnosuke256.047(49)414443352521
34BRA 193012Okretic Jucyan265.042163843464931(bfd)
35BRA 193013Tavares Mateus282.04173145(dnf)dnfdncdnc
36AUS 193005Palk Ryan284.050254648434428(bfd)
37JPN 193096Onodera Shoichiro285.03824(49)4948474336
38MNE 193108Mrsic Dejan285.0443842493646(dnc)30
39SLO 193132Domijan Luka291.0474447(48)47463228
40MDA 193107Denisiuc Alexandr298.0434346(50)47464033
41IND 193079Rau Ajay304.0453950(51)49504625
42JPN 193093Saito Daisuke306.0(52)42485145434532
43ITA 193085Vallesi Claudio307.040(dnf)dne47423834bfd
44BUL 193014Nedyalkov Valentin312.0(51)47444948484234
45TUR 193145Kaptan Guney316.031294751(bfd)dnfdnfdnf
46BAR 193010Streeter Russell316.0525048(53)51443635
47ZIM 193160Mccosh Patrick322.05045515045(dnf)4437
48UAE 193148Mohammed Adil327.05340(dnf)dnfdnfdnf4131
49TUR 193144Tuna Barbaros330.04337494750(dnf)rafbfd
50GER 193070Nissen Jonas338.0(53)514952524537bfd
51USA 193156Lawrence Luke362.042(dnf)dncdncdncdnfdncdnc
   RDG-results are as follows:
 GBR 193065Godwin Robertrace 3:13 scores

While this Championship is drawing to a close on Wednesday, a few of the keener competitors entered for the Laser Masters World Championship have been arriving over the last few days to get in some early practice before their racing starts on February 17.

For all information on the Gosford Sailing Club hosted Laser World’s, including mark roundings, photos and more on the Laser World Championship go to: http://aus08.laserinternational.org/