Jules Verne Trophy - Day 4 on Banque Populaire V

Banque Populaire V on their Jules Verne Trophy attempt
Here we are on Day 4 of Banque Populaire V's Jules Verne Trophy round-the-world record attempt. The comfortable 280 miles lead gained earlier this week over Groupama 3, the current record holder, is slowly is slowly being eaten away as the lighter trade winds impede top speed progression. Pascal Bidegorry's team still holds a 200 miles advantage that he hopes to maintain as they dive due south towards the equator; the crew is optimistic and, despite the slower speed averages of the last 24 hours, they maintain good speeds at night when the trade winds are stronger. Warmer temperatures can also only help with spirits on board.

Banque Populaire V was built as a speed machine, with a length of 130 feet supporting a phenomenal amount of sails, they have already achieved top speeds of 45 knots a few days ago; this sounds promising for exciting sailing once they reach the Southern Oceans next week. Their current speed average after four days at sea is approximately 23 knots.

More details (in French only) at http://www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr/