Jon Emmett (GBR) 2008 Byte CII World Champion

Jon Emmett
Jon Emmett, a well-known GBR Professional sailing Coach, won the 2008 World’s hands down with 12 first place finishes, dropping a third and a first. He won it in all conditions starting with the 25-knot opening day and ending with a real creepy-crawly on the last day. The only sailor to best him was Fengyi Lei of Singapore who won one of the Pre-Worlds races and also the ninth race.

The Women’s Championship was won by Hannah Blore (photo below), also of the UK, who finished fourth overall. Hannah also won the Championship at Lake Garda in 2005.

Hannah Blore

The Masters Championship was won by Richard Whitehouse, the UK Inland Champion, but he was only four points ahead of the next Master, Eddie Pope, also of the UK. Although there is only one Open Masters Champion, Ruth Tayler of the UK was recognized as the top female Master.

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