John Hearne, Doyle Sailmakers, to speak at CYCA in Sydney

CYCA cruising information evening with sailmaker John Hearne
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There's still time to book for the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA)'s information evening for cruising sailors, this time by well known Sydney sailor and sailmaker, John Hearne from Doyle Sailmakers next Monday, 3rd February, at 1830. Put it in your diary now and book online.

It's John Hearne's 40 years of experience in making and advising sailors, both racing and cruising, about what will work best on their particular boat that makes him an ideal sailmaker to advise on what's best for cruising boats in general - so different from how you set it up for racing.

But John is not just the inhabitant of a sailing loft. John has sailed passages across many parts of Asia, and he has been an active racer over the years, ten Sydney to Hobart races and almost every other race on the east coast of Australia. This extensive sailing gives him a broad range of experience, as does his long experience with feed-back from sailors about what works for them and what doesn't.

He has been a part of the evolution of the sailmaking industry in Australia, being a part of where it stands today. Cruising boats make up a huge percentage of the Australian market and is of growing importance.

John's seminar will include:
Cruising sails and rig setups
Sail cloths
Trysails, Loose-footed mainsails
Slide Systems
Code )'s V[s asymetricals
Sail repair kits

Book your free attendance online today at Cruising Yacht Club of Australia is at 1 New Beach Road, Darling Point NSW 2027