James Sansbury wins RS600 Open at Broadstairs SC

RS600 at National Championship 2007

James Sainsbury was the clear winner at the Broadstairs SC, RS600 Fat Face Racing Circuit open meeting. Ten boats turned up and after strong winds on Saturday, when only one race was completed, the fleet was able to fit in five races on Sunday, when Sainsbury won all five to take the event.

The Broadstairs SC event coincided with Thanet regatta at Broadstairs and a Snipe event. Weather on Saturday was sunny with a F4 to F5 blowing off the shore.

In race 1, with most of the fleet starting on starboard, David Annan (815) took a port flyer to get a good head start up the first beat. The course was characterised by a strong tide pushing south, up the course, causing many of those who stayed on starboard to over step the mark and have to reach down onto it. James Sainsbury (827) made it to the top mark first closely followed the rest of the fleet.

As the breeze built to a F5 to F6, many had trouble with increased wind and large waves. David Annan and James Sainsbury continued to have a close battle all the way around the three laps of the course with David Annan finally coming out on top. James Nuttall (811) fought his way round the course to become the third and final finisher.

Given the increased wind and waves the race committee took the decision to send the fleet back to shore and end racing for the day. The early finish gave those who have broken their boats plenty of time to make repairs.

While some stayed in the club for dinner, others went across the road for an Italian. Everybody returned to the club for a number of beers before going on to some of the local pubs.

Having only got one race in on day 1, the race committee decided to try and run five races to achieve the planned series of six races. As such, each race was shortened to two laps and a '3, 2, 1, Go' starting sequence used. Conditions had changed from the previous day. The water was flatter and the wind was varying between force 2 and 4 meaning that quick gear changes were vital.

James Sainsbury sailed consistently winning all five races on day 2. He made it all look a bit easy. David Annan challenged in races 2 and 6, but had issues gybing at the wing mark in race 3. After having such a bad race, Dave kept the fleet amused between races by changing his mast rake and rig tension on the water.

Fortunately it worked and his rig stayed up. However, at the start of race 4 Dave capsized in an effort not to be early over the start and never caught up.

Adam Peak showed remarkable upwind speed all day using his small rig, but lost out in the lulls. Some of the tips from the previous week’s training event had clearly paid off.

John Charles (702) started to find his form in races 3 and 4, achieving second in both races and was doing well in race 6 until his rudder blade snapped, forcing him to retire.

Thanks go to Broadstairs SC for running a great event and to Fat Face who sponsor the circuit.

RS600 - Final overall results

1 827 James Sainsbury (2) 1 1 1 1 1 7 5pts
2 815 David Annan GWSC 1 2 8 (9) 3 2 25 16
3 811 James Nuttall Oxford SC 3 3 (7) 6 4 3 26 19pts
4 981 Alan Williams St Mawes SC (11) 6 4 4 2 4 31 20pts
5 884 Adam Peak Alton Water SC (11) 4 3 5 6 6 35 24pts
6 686 Jon Bradbury BBSC (11) 5 5 8 5 5 39 28pts
7 702 John Charles Leigh On Sea SC 11 7 2 2 7 (12) 41 29pts
8 786 George Smith BBSC (11) 9 9 7 8 7 51 40pts
9 608 Richard Smith Blue Circle SC (12) 12 6 3 10 12 55 43pts
10= 630 Mark Peak Alton Water Sc 11 (12) 12 12 12 12 71 59pts
10= 858 Dave Turnbull Redoubt SC 11 (12) 12 12 12 12 71 59pts