JJ Giltinan 18 Footers International 2011 Race 2 video

Thurlow Fisher Lawyers winner - Winning Appliances JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship

JJ Giltinan favourites take the Podium in Race 2 of the JJ Giltinan 18 Footers International 2011.

The followers of Michael Coxon, Aron Links and Trent Barnabas on Thurlow Fisher Lawyers were ecstatic aboard the Spectator Ferry Proclaim, when Cocko steered his 18 across the finish line into first place.

Second, while still ill from Saturday, was Seve Jarvin's Gotta Luv It 7 and John Winning's Yandoo in third place. Prior to the commencement of the event these three teams were the most fancied by Pick the Podium players
from the entries received, to take the overall championship come next Sunday afternoon's final race.....

Mark Heeley talks to an animated Coxon after the race ...